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‘Marrying Millions’: Bill and Bri Talk Babies, He Is Sure He is Fertile

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Marrying Millions fans know that Bill Hutchinson’s a  multimillionaire, and Brianna Ramirez isn’t. He’s also way older than her and the gap between them sits at 40 years. Lifetime fans sometimes wonder if she genuinely loves him. And, her mom seemed better suited to Bill because of her age. But is Brianna just looking for an heir to Bill’s millions? Some fans think so.

Marrying Millions – Brianna insincere with Bill, looking for an heir to his money?

Lifetime fans seem fascinated with Bill and Brianna. They lasted together for a while despite their differences. And not only in age but also in her attitudes towards money. He’s careful with his cash and she loves nothing more than spending it. In fact, when Brianna’s mom moved in with them, fans thought that her mom flirted with Bill. And some people felt they might actually make a better match. But this season, fans see that Brianna didn’t think through the fact that she’s so much younger. Naturally, she thinks about making her own family with kids.

Marrying Millions star Bill seems reluctant to produce more kids so late in life. He didn’t say as much, but he certainly resists a fertility test with a medical professional. In this week’s show, Meaww reminds readers that Brianna pesters him for a fertility test. Actually, her mom also pesters him non-stop about marrying her daughter. In the review doe next week’s show, the couple discussed visiting a fertility clinic. Bill claims he sees no need for it as he already fathered five kids. Nevertheless, Brianna keeps on arguing about it. So, fans wonder if she just wants a baby so it becomes an heir to his fortune.

Fans slam Brianna on Twitter, suggest she’s a gold digger

On Twitter, one fan said they previously felt that Marrying Millions star Brianna just looks for an heir. So, they noted, “I said it before… Kathleen said it in next week’s preview… Bri is looking for an heir to Bill’$ money.”

Meanwhile, other people think Brianna needs a dose of reality. One of them wrote, “Bri! The man is closer to 100 than you are to 40 grow up! Bill already has 5 kids. Just play your part as his sugarbaby!”

More critics feel very suspicious about Brianna’s motives. One of them commented, “Bri still talking about babies looking 12 and Bill looking 70… Just say your trying to secure your bag Bri, (sic).”

Someone else said something uncomplimentary to the Marrying Millions Star as well They noted, “Bre is struggling…. the need for a baby or Bill’s money…it’s hard ain’t it girl.”

What do you think? Is Brianna just trying to secure an heir to Bill’s fortune? Or does she genuinely want kids with him? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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