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Courtney Waldrop Gets Unusual But Exciting Birthday Gift

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Courtney Waldrop just celebrated her birthday and she received an unusual but very welcome birthday gift. Plus, she seemed thrilled with Eric who posted a very nice tribute to his wife. All in all, it seems like the Sweet Home Sextuplets star enjoyed her day very much. Fans probably recall that the Waldrops do home renovations and lived in a trailer for a long time. And you guessed it, her best birthday gift related to the house.

Courtney Waldrop loved Eric’s special message on her birthday

We reported that Eric gushed about his wife in their joint Facebook account. He very seldom posts on social media. And he even mentioned he’s not sure how to do it. But, he excelled himself when he called her the “best mommy.” He also talked about her devotion and dedication to raising their nine children. TLC fans know that the sextuplets still toddle around in diapers. So, her daily duties involved things like potty training and diaper changes. And so much more. After all, her three older boys also need attention from their mom.

When Courtney Waldrop talked about her birthday, she mentioned the nice message from Eric. She noted, “I want to say that the post Eric posted earlier today for me made this day extra special and filled my heart.❤️ so thankful for a precious husband who is so good to me!!” Well, as you can imagine, her many fans loved that as well.

One of them said, ” I loved reading Eric’s words! I think that you both hit the lottery in finding such wonderful love! And your children are so blessed! Thank y’all for sharing your lives with us!”

Unusual but very welcome gift for Sweet Home Setuplets mom

The List reminds readers that since last summer, the Waldrop family shared photos of their on-going home renovations. Courtney Waldrop seemed thrilled with her nice big farm-style kitchen. But she still waits for some other work to be completed. And while it’s not yet complete, one thing she waits for at least begun. Celebrating her birthday Courtney said, “Well I may have got the best birthday gift I could have asked for…WALLS to our bedroom!!🙌🏻😝🙌🏻.”

Courtney Waldrop also said that it seemed wonderful that they went up. And she posted a photo of herself among the wooden struts. She noted that it felt like “the best gift to see them go up today!!” Additionally, Eric’s wife seems thrilled with all the birthday messages from all her TLC fans. Of course, that made even more Sweet Home Sextuplets send in their best to her.

Courtney Waldrop Gets Unusual But Exciting Birthday Gift
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Facebook

What do you think about Courtney Waldrop sounding so thrilled that her bedroom walls go up? Can you imagine trying to raise nine kids in an incomplete home? Sound off in the comments below.

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