Claire Spivey Married – Reality Sets In For Mom Hilary

Claire Spivey - Justin Duggar

Claire Spivey married Justin Duggar this weekend and now reality sets in for her mom Hilary. After a busy weekend with the Duggar family, Hilary took to her Instagram and talked about her daughter. Everyone who follows Counting  On and Jim Bob’s family probably knows by now that Justin and Claire married within months of their engagement. The family gathered for the celebration and even Jill and Derick Dillard made it to the wedding.

Claire Spivey and Justin marry and now Hilary feels the reality

On Monday, March 1, Hilary took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself with Michelle Duggar. They posed together while they prepared a cup of tea. She explained how tired they felt as the weekend kept them so busy. Well, the Duggar family’s huge as all TLC fans know. So, after the Friday wedding, it looked like the Counting On family all stuck around for some further celebrations.

Married on Friday, February 26, Claire Spivey and Justin quickly shared a photo of themselves after the special day. We reported that “in the photo, Claire [wore] a modest, short-sleeved white gown.” She wore her hair in braids with little flowers woven into it. Finally, their big day came after a year of keeping their courtship secret. Still very young, the couple probably goes on their honeymoon and then moves into the home that Jim Bob Duggar sold them for “just $1.” And now Hilary feels that separation for the first time.

Daughter has gone, Hilary comments

In her post about Michelle Duggar, Hilary said they enjoyed a cup of tea together and Michelle drank out of Claire’s teacup. Perhaps it’s something symbolic. Or, maybe they just ran out of cups. But in the comments, Hilary started chatting with followers about Claire Spivey marrying Justin. One follower wrote, “hope your not to shattered, I know I was when my daughter got married [SIC]. Hope the negative comments people are making are not getting you down.”

Well, the negative comments related to the fact that TLC’s Justin never got a college education. And some people feel he’s way too young to marry. Did you know that Justin and Claire also celebrated her 20th birthday after their wedding? But Hilary won’t let critics get her down. In her reply, Claire Spivey’s mom said, “you’re very kind! No, the negativity doesn’t steal our joy or love for Justin and his family! 😍” Nevertheless, she talked about how suddenly the reality that Claire’s gone set in.

Claire Spivey Married - Reality Sets In For Mom Hilary
Credit: Hilary Spivey | Instagram

Further down, Hilary added, “Today is a tough day. Reality is setting in for us all as she’s gone. 😢” Well, kind fans reassured her that Claire’s spread her wings now, and no doubt she was well-prepared by her mom.  Of course, other fans asked for more photos of the wedding and she promised she’ll post some up. Meanwhile, she confirmed that Claire Spivey and Justin went off for their honeymoon.

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