Carlin & Whitney Bates Talk Number Of Kids They Want

Carl & Whitney Bates

Carlin & Whitney Bates live with many siblings. In Whitney’s case, she married Kelly Jo Bates’ son Zach Bates. Currently pregnant, she thought about whether she’d end up giving birth to 19 kids like Kelly. Carlin also talked about it. So far, she only had one child with her husband Evan Stewart. And poor little Layla suffered some health complications. Did that make her hesitant about having more kids?

Carlin & Whitney Bates talk about many kids they want

Recent news gave Carlin some joy. It seems like Layla’s on the mend. Recall, her arrival brought some stressful moments. The cute kid was born with a hole in the heart. And later, she experienced breathing and low oxygen problems. Evan and Carlin really went through a very worrying time. And at one stage, they both teared up as they described their fears. Now their daughter seems a lot better, will they plan for more kids?

Carlin & Whitney Bates both opened up to US Weekly about future children. The Bringing Up Bates stars certainly like the idea of kids. But will they consider as many as 19? In their conversation with the two women, Erin Bates also spoke up. She predicted that Carlin might produce somewhere between six and 19 kids. Hmmm. what do you think Carlin’s reaction was?

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Credit: Carlin Bates | Instagram

No specific number of kids decided yet

Evan’s wife probably produces way less than 19 kids. While she said that she admired her mom as a great parent, she probably won’t opt for so many children. She told the outlet, “Right now, we’re just so excited and cherish in every little moment with [our 12-month-old daughter], Layla, but we’ll see, who knows?” However, she also noted that she doubted she’d go for 19 of them. But they seem keen on “a few.” Actually, both Carlin & Whitney Bates consider way fewer kids than the Bringing Up Bates matriarch.

Meanwhile, Whitney already produced three kids and expects another baby. But it looks like she and Zach draw the line at many more. She told the outlet that perhaps one more might suffice. The UPtv family expands often, and  Josie Bates expects her second baby in 2021. It seems that between Carlin & Whitney Bates, and Josie, perhaps all three of them might jointly produce 19 kids.

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Credit: Carlin Bates | Instagram

Of course, in time, Lawson might also produce some kids. Slow to marry, he officially dates Tiffany Espensen now. They became Instagram-official this year and fans seem very taken with the 22-year old, Tiffany. As Lawson nears the age of 30, fans hope he soon produces some kids of his own. As he grew up in the large Bates family, probably he also plans on a few kids. Potentially, like Carlin & Whitney Bates, he might not aim as high as 19 children.

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