Amy Halterman Worries How Tammy Slaton Will Get Food Without Her

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It has become clear that things are going to change for Tammy Slaton after her sister Amy Halterman gives birth. Namely, Amy and Michael will have Gage to take care of. So, they may not have the time or energy to take care of Tammy. Tammy insists she’ll be fine and her sister has nothing to worry about. But, Amy can’t help but worry about her sister. How will Tammy do simple things such as get groceries without help from her and Michael?

Warning: This contains spoilers from Season 2, Episode 9 titled “Labor of Love.”

Amy and Chris might both be abandoning their sister

As we mentioned previously, Tammy Slaton’s world is going to look a little different soon. Amy Halterman is having a baby and moving on with her family. And, Chris Combs is just about to the weight he needs to get the surgery. And, he’s made it clear he isn’t willing to wait for Tammy to catch up. He won’t let her hold him back from having this surgery and continuing on his weight loss journey.

As those who watch  1000-Lb. Sisters know, Tammy Slaton relies pretty heavily on her brother and sister. Truthfully, she can’t really get around or go anywhere by herself. So, the thought of her brother and sister moving on has to be pretty scary. Fans can’t help but wonder what this might mean for Tammy’s future. Some fans think an assisted living facility or a nursing home might be the best next step for Tammy.

Wait, Is Tammy Slaton In A Hospital Or Nursing Home?

In fact, we recently reported fans think Tammy Slaton is currently living in assisted living. This theory came up after Tammy shared a video of herself showing off her latest painting hobby.

Is Tammy Slaton ready to be alone?

Amy Halterman admits she’s worried. Worried because Tammy is now going to be alone several weeks earlier than planned. Amy is concerned with how her sister will get food. Does she have enough groceries? How will she go about getting more? Tammy is noticeably frustrated with the topic of conversation. She assures her sister she’ll be fine. And, she can figure out how to get food without the help of another person.

Given how easy it is to get food and groceries delivered these days… Amy probably doesn’t have much to worry about. But, how much she cares for her sister is sweet!

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Do you share Amy’s concern with how Tammy Slaton will handle being alone?

What most believe to be the Season 2 Finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs tonight only on TLC. But, the episode is already available via discovery+. So, if you can’t wait for the episode to air… You can always head over there to check it out early!


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