Tiffany Franco Smith Reveals Cute Photobomb

Tiffany Franco Smith - Ronald Smith

Tiffany Franco Smith might still be in South Africa with her husband Ronald. She went there a while ago but got “stuck” in the country. That news came out just ahead of Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, the 90 Day Fiance star sounded anything but unhappy. Now, she shared a photo of her in the car going somewhere and in it, the cutest photo-bomb revealed itself.

Tiffany Franco Smith photo reveals such a cute photobomb, and fans love it

From the photo, that she shared on February 25, it looks like Tiffany’s in a South African car. She possibly sits in the passenger seat in the country where people drive on the left-hand side of the road. We reported that she went there in December. And she took along her son Daniel and their daughter Carley Rose. The 90 Day Fiance star couldn’t wait to spend Christmas with Ronald. Some fans thought that when Tiffany Franco Smith delayed her return to the USA she seemed lucky. After all, large parts of the USA freeze. Meanwhile, South Africa enjoys a warm summer.

The couple enjoys a lot of fun together and her Instagram posts reveal big smiles all around. Popculture reported that they shared some of their fun online. That came in the sneak peek for “the 90 Day Fiancé franchise’s new game show, Love Games.” Fans enjoy the light-hearted show. In it, they joked about how she can’t stand it when he “farts.” And, she claimed sometimes he even does it when they talk on the phone. Nevertheless, they both laughed about it. So clearly, they feel at ease with each other. Now, in real-life Tiffany Franco Smith shared a cute photobomb that made her fans smile.

Daniel gets a lot of praise from 90 Day Fiance fans

In her photo, Tiffany shared a photo of herself looking really attractive. Many fans told her she looked beautiful. Her caption read, “Comment when you see it haha #photobomb 💖💖💖💖.” Well, it didn’t take fans long to spot Tiffany Franco Smith’s son Daniel peeping under the headrest. One fan wrote, “Can’t miss that smile behind you!” And that’s just one of the things they love about her son. He always smiles and seems so sweet and polite. Some TLC fans think he’s the best thing they ever saw on the show.

Even those TLC fans who don’t like Ronald much give him kudos for his close relationship with Daniel. Quite why a young man who clearly works so hard at changing himself for the better gets trolls seems unfathomable, her fans think. But some people can’t help themselves, it seems. Thankfully, aside from one or two trolling comments, the post about the photobomb mostly got hearts from Tiffany Franco Smith’s fans.

One 90 Day Fiance fan commented, “I’ve watched a lot of kids on shows over the years but your son stands out the most to me. Incredible young man you have, such a sweet kid.”

Tiffany Franco Smith Reveals Cute Photobomb
Credit: Tiffanyfrancosmith | Instagram

Another fan of  Tiffany Franco Smith noted, “Why. Are. You. So. Perfect. Also your son is like in my top 5 faces for 90 day cast members. That pure little soul lol ❤️.”

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