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’My 600-LB Life’: Where Is Paula Jones Today?

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My 600-lb Life fans love following up on people like Paula Jones. Importantly, she features as one of the top success stories of the TLC show. If you never watched the show before, it focuses on people with such massive weight problems, they put their lives at risk. Fortunately, Paula maintains an active social media presence. So, where’s she at now.

My 600-LB Life Paula Jones Update

Not every star on the show maintains an active social media account after their episodes air. We reported that Isaac Martinez, for example, stays very quiet on his social media. So, fans rely on rumors and snippets from Reddit to find out if he kept his weight off. But, usefully, Paula posts a lot about her life on Instagram. Recall, when Paula first weighed in with Dr. Now, she hit 542lbs on the scale. Sadly her motivation for gastric surgery came after her husband passed away. His own weight compromised his health. Worried by the thought her kids might grow up as orphans, she took it all very seriously.

Seven years ago, when Paula Jones debuted on My 600-LB Life, at the age of 33, she moved to Houston. People who qualify for help with Dr. Now uproot their lives as he treats them in Texas. That not only reveals their determination but also removes them from social enablers. Sometimes, a change really is as good as a holiday. But losing significant weight and staying with their goals is not all a doddle in the park. Initially, Paula actually gained weight. Nevertheless, she stuck with it and managed to shed 33 pounds by sticking with a fluids-only diet. That qualified her for her surgery.

Keeping the weight off today

According to The Cinemaholic, Paula attends the “Southeast WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) Conference, which is a local gathering for bariatric surgery patients.” A success story, she shares her battle of the bulge with others. And fight she did. She managed to lose so much weight that after the excess skin came off, she weighed 400lbs less than her original weigh-in on My-600-LB Life. And it looks like she dropped a bit of weight since then, judging by recent photos.

About a month ago, Paula Jones shared three photos. One showed her during the show, one before, and another one looks very recent. Clearly, she shed a lot of weight. In the comments section of the post, a lot of fans congratulated her. And they told her they admire her so much. One My 600-LB Life fan noted, “Yes girl!!!!!🔥🔥🔥 you did that!” And another one wrote, “Thank you for sharing your story. A True Inspiration.”

’My 600-LB Life’ Where Is Paula Jones Today
Credit: Paula Jones | Instagram

What do you think of Paula Jones who weighed so much on My 600-LB Life but clearly overcame an unhealthy lifestyle? Sound off in the comments below.

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