‘OutDaughtered’ Fans React To Parker Crushing Her Fears

OutDaughtered Parker Busby

OutDaughtered premiered on TLC and fans saw that Parker Kate rode a horse. The other kids all enjoyed it a lot as well. But many people reacted to Parker as she previously seemed too afraid of the animals. The premiere episode also revealed other scenes like the home demolition, a trip to see wild dolphins, and a beach party thrown by Uncle Dale.

Note that this article contains spoilers from the season premiere of OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered – Parker Kate Busby rides a horse

In our recap, we noted that when the kids rode horses before, Parker seemed “terrified ” of the animals. So, this time around, they wondered if she’d feel less anxious. Back in June 2019, the Busby family went on a “summer vacay Texas-style,” we reported. They took their vacation in the Palo Pinto Mountains. And the kids rode horses. Blayke in particular loved it. But Parker wasn’t at all keen. Later, in December of that year, fans saw it play out during an OutDaughtered episode.

Nearly two years on from that, Parker faced the prospect of riding a horse once again. So, how did that work out for her this time? This time, Parker told her mom and dad that she really wanted to try and ride. And, that’s good news as she suffered from terrible anxiety in the past. Instead of just hopping on a horse, the OutDaughtered parents let her watch some of the other kids ride. Each child chose an adult to accompany them. And when she felt comfortable, Parker opted for her dad Adam to go with her. Well, the quint overcame her fear and bravely accomplished the experience.

TLC fans react to Parker’s bravery

On both Twitter and Instagram, fans reacted to Parker Kate Busby overcoming her fears. On Twitter, one fan wrote, “PK rode the horse and it made me cry because I’ve struggled with anxiety…seeing her do this was amazing. you go girl.”

Another fan commented, “Because she’s 5 and she’s all grown up!! #LoveIt… Way to go and Thanks for making me cry a little Parker.”

OutDaughtered fans also commented on how brave the little quint seemed: “So happy Parker rode the horse, she is a natural.”


The comments from TLC fans on Instagram came when Adam Busby shared a photo of the kids in the demolition scene. One fan wrote, “DID ANYONE ELSE CRY WHEN PARKER RODE THE HORSE 😭❤️.”

Apart from Parker, other fans commented on how happy they feel about the return of OutDaughtered. One dedicated fan commented, “Sooo happy you guys are back on!!! You have no idea how much you’ve helped me with my twins! Love your family SO much!!!!!”

OutDaughtered Fans React To Parker Riding Horses
Credit: Adam Busby | Instagram

What do think about Parker Busby overcoming her fears about riding a horse? Are you very proud of the OutDaughtered quint? Did you feel emotional? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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