Jennifer Martone Spills Her Admiration For Family

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Jennifer Martone sometimes slaps at tabloids and fans who create rumors about her family. And, on February 23, TLC posted up a Q&A by the Unpolished star. She spilled on the things she admires about her family. Plus, she answered a few other questions from fans. Fans already know the family seems very close, but what does she like the most about them?

Jennifer Martone talks about Unpolished & her admiration for her family

We reported that in early February, Jennifer spoke about how people assume a lot of things about her family. At the time, some fans thought she criticized TLC for editing and scripting. But that only came as a theory, She never actually accused the network of that. She told her followers that some rumors simply are not true. For instance, she “never lost her home.” And, she never “lost the salon” or “went bankrupt.” Some people think the family looks “in turmoil.” But the Unpolished star laid all of those rumors to rest.

While the Unpolished show reveals quite a quite difficult time in the salon, that at least, seems correctly portrayed in the show. Jennifer Martone talked about very stressful it was. She said it was a”nightmare.” Recall, they reopened the salon after the quarantine. She said in her Q&A that it really added to the workload and worry. After all, they adapted to all the coronavirus regulations. And they still go through the same rigmarole every day.  So, she admires the family as they keep at it with determination.

Reliving the life of the family on the show

The main thing that Jennifer admires about Bria and her new husband, Foxy Grandma and Lexi is the way they open up their lives. She says it takes a lot of “courage.” After all, millions of people watch reality TV. And a large chunk of privacy goes away. Unpolished fans examine every facet of their lives. So Jennifer Martone really gives them kudos for that. Continuing on the subject of starring in the show, she also talked about reliving her life when the season comes on.

The bereaved family misses their dad, Big Mike Martone who passed away from cancer. Most especially, they missed him when Bria married. So, Jennifer said that she felt very “emotional.” Well, weddings tend to always be emotional for parents. But missing a loved one makes it even more poignant. She said how much it “pulled on the heartstrings.”

Jennifer Martone Spills Her Admiration For Her Family
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Talking more about admiration, Jennifer Martone answered who she’d choose to be in her family. But she feels each of them has something special about them. If she wished for anything, she’d hope she could be the best of each nice family member.

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