What’s Wrong With Amy Slaton & Michael Halterman’s Baby Boy?

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At this point, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have no choice but to assume Amy and Michael Halterman are under a gag order from TLC when it comes to the status of their baby boy. We assume the birth and first look of Gage Deon will come during the Season Finale of the TLC series. But, this week’s episode of the series left fans on a pretty troubling cliffhanger. Is something wrong with Amy and Michael Halterman’s baby boy?

Warning: spoilers from 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 2, Episode 8 titled “Everybody Hurts.”

Amy hides her contractions as Tammy Slaton expresses pain.

The very end of tonight’s episode is concerning for fans of the Slaton sisters. On one hand, fans are concerned for Amy Slaton Halterman and her baby boy. Likewise, fans are just as concerned for Tammy who seemed to be struggling a bit. It was determined that Tammy just had a Charley horse. Which, as anyone knows, can be extremely painful. The show’s onset medic was called out to help Tammy when they struggled to relieve her of the Charley horse.

After looking at her tongue. The medic assumed Tammy Slaton was likely dehydrated. He questioned if she’d had much water. And, then she was provided with a bottle of water to drink.

Attention quickly shifted when they realized Tammy Slaton’s sister Amy Halterman was in distress. Everyone feared for Amy. And, they feared for the baby. Amy admits she’s been hiding and ignoring contractions all day. But, the pain was getting severe. And, she was to the point of tears.

Where Is Amy Slaton’s Baby? Fans Concerned & Curious About His Birth

Is there something wrong with Amy Slaton Halterman’s baby?

During tonight’s episode, Amy Slaton Halterman reveals things aren’t going so well with the pregnancy. Turns out, her baby boy is actually losing weight in the womb. And, the doctors are concerned he’s underweight. So, a premature birth could be very dangerous for him.

Naturally, Amy is concerned for both herself and her baby boy. She doesn’t want to go into labor five week’s early. Moreover, she fears for a C-section. After all, the doula warned her it was possible. And, the psychic told her it wouldn’t be a smooth labor.

Could the baby Slaton-Halterman baby come early?

The end of tonight’s episode leaves fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters worried the baby might come early. And, this means he could spend a significant amount of time in the NICU. Unfortunately, the episode does end leaving us with more questions than answers. And, the TLC gag order likely prevents any baby news from coming out until after Gage is born.

Amy Slaton YouTube TLC

Here’s hoping we get to see that beautiful baby boy soon. And, that everything ends up being alright!

Season 2, Episode 8 titled “Everybody Hurts” of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs tonight only on TLC. The episode, however, is already available via the discovery+ streaming service. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode. And, stick with us at Tv Shows Ace for the latest Slaton sister related news.

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