Where Is Amy Slaton’s Baby? Fans Concerned & Curious About His Birth

Amy Slaton

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are wondering where Amy Slaton’s baby is and whether she’s given birth yet. Given Amy’s pregnancy has been a prominent part of the story line for Season 2 of the series… It makes sense that the details of her birth as well as any photos or videos of her bundle of joy would be under wraps. Perhaps the birth announcement will be a part of Season 2.

Amy Slaton’s Baby Birth: Do we know her due date?

Thanks to what many referred to as her “freaky” baby registry on Amazon. We do know her due date. Her registry reveals her due date as January 7, 2021. Given the fact that her due date was exactly a month ago tomorrow, we can assume she’s given birth to her son, Gage Deon.

According to Reality Titbit, Amy Slaton made an attempt to recant this bit of information on YouTube. The TLC personality denied January 7, 2021 was the due date for her baby. She continued to explain this was actually the date she created the baby registry on Amazon.

We at TvShowsAce, however, can confirm that is not true. When you create a baby registry on Amazon it asks for the due date of the baby. This is so the register can count down how many days are left until the baby is born. It creates a sort of goal or target for those viewing the registry. This way those interested in buying something know when the baby is expected to be born. Upon closer examination, views can see “0 days to go” on the top of the registry. This indicates the due date has passed.

It appears as if nearly all of the items on Amy Slaton’s baby registry have been purchased. The registry seems to remain active and the creator can continue to add items to it even after the due date has passed. But, Amazon does not document when the registry was created.

‘1000-LB Sisters’ Amy Slaton-Halterman Due Date

The due date makes sense

Fans of the series know the episode featuring Amy’s gastric surgery aired in February of last year. But, the surgery would have happened sometime before then. Likewise, we know Amy got pregnant just four months after having her surgery. Using February as a starting point… Fans can guess Amy Slaton likely became pregnant around the month of June. So, a due date in January 2021 definitely fits the timeline.

This very well might be Amy Slaton’s baby boy Gage Deon could be a month old by now. Because this information has not been made public fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters remain concerned. They wonder where the baby boy is. They wonder how the birth with. Amy Slaton remains active on Instagram. So, we have to assume the birth went alright and her baby boy is doing well.

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Still, fans have yet to see a drop of evidence to confirm Amy Slaton has given birth to her baby. Beyond the assumption that the birth has happened because the due date has passed. Here’s hoping the little guy is doing well and we get to see a picture of him in the near future!

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  1. Would like clarification about Gage being Mobil and so they are moving…Tammy is in hospital vs mom just went into labor, day at the doctor’s and day on the ride(happily). Am not a t v watcher just have a smart phone and watch bits of things

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