‘Unpolished’: Foxy Grandma Shares Dating Advice

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There’s no doubt Unpolished focuses a lot on love stories. Foxy Grandma and Bria Martone have both had romantic moments on the show. While Bria has been planning babies, Foxy saved her husband from a tuna bone. Lexi has been single for a little while but recently shared how much splitting with Joe hurt her. But she did go on a blind date on the previous episode. She just posted on Instagram, “speeding off, leaving everyone in the dust who can’t handle me.”

Foxy and Joe had the first hot dinner wedding according to Foxy. She said they sent people home with bags of chicken and had a ball. A recent picture of Foxy and her whole family shared to a fan page stirred up controversy when one shot has the whole family shooting the bird. It’s very much on point with her personality. Anyone who watches the show knows she’s a feisty lady. Several in the group loved the picture and thought it was a lot of fun.

Foxy Grandma Offers Some Good Advice

Jennifer shared the video on her Instagram. She captioned it, “yup! lol my MOTHER.” It said, “and now dating advice with Foxy.” Foxy looking great with big hair and a black cold shoulder shirt says, “get all sexied up and go get him.”

Solid advice for strong and confident women.  One fan said, “Love Foxy!! Love the show too! Can’t wait!” In a previous post, someone said, “Foxy needs her own show…the world according to Foxy.”

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The Matriarch And Joe Have Been Together For A Long Time

Foxy Grandma knows what she’s talking about when it comes to relationships. She and Papa Joe have been together for four decades. They’re always together and she jokes a lot about cutting his ponytail off. Bria Martone said she draws inspiration from her grandparents for her own relationship. Foxy chased one of Lexi’s clients in the latest episode trying to tease her hair. She misses working all the time. While she was home in quarantine they brought her wigs to style.

Foxy is just happy to get back to work on the current season because she couldn’t come in for a while. Lexi and her family wouldn’t let her leave the house during the pandemic. Jennifer Martone would pick her up to drive for coffee and then take her back home. In the newest episode, Foxy showed up to where Bria had seven men moving her out. She said she brought lunch for all the hunks. What do you think about Foxy’s advice? Is she your favorite member of the Unpolished family? Comment below with your thoughts and tune in to TLC on Tuesday nights for more.

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