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Whitney Way Thore Brought In Jessica, Did NoBSactive Improve?

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Whitney Way Thore replaced her friend Ryan with Jessica in NoBSactive. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star probably made the right decisions as things look on the up for her. Originally, she felt that Ryan seemed way too careless about social distancing during the coronavirus. So, friend or not, out the door went Ryan Andreas.

Whitney Way Thore revived NoBSactive with Jessica

We reported in early December, that the NoBSactive website seemed defunct. And fans speculated that as Ryan introduced her to Chase Severino, bad feelings arose between them. Recall, Chase made another woman pregnant. and the current MBFFL season focuses on Whitney dealing with that. But it seemed other issues arose regarding COVID-19. However, news soon emerged that Jessica stepped in as Whitney’s business partner. Actually, that made sense as Jessica acted as her trainer for a long time.

If you don’t know, Starcasm reminds readers that “NoBSactive” brings online workouts for a “subscription.” Those who sign up see videos and emails. Making it easy, fans who stay fit via the program need minimal workout equipment. Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life also like the idea as Jessica shows them energetic moves. Meanwhile, Whitney Way Thore aims at those with health or weight issues. It means they work out at a slower pace. And, killing two birds with one apparently works for them.

Good reviews of NoBSactive with Jessica

On the now functioning NoBSactive website, new reviews talk highly of Jessica and Whitney. One of them says that they bring easy-to-follow sessions. But more than that, the two women bring “light.” And another MBFFL fan feels likes she works out “with friends.” Then another person also commented on how they prefer the modified workouts. They underwent foot surgery and the exercise program helped them improve their fitness level without pain.

So, overall, it sounds like the change by Whitney Way Thore from Ryan to Jessica worked out for the TLC star. And, subscriptions seem on the up and up right now. That’s a sure sign that she made the right decision. Meanwhile, on her Instagram page for the business, more people review the new format of NoBSactive. And they seem delighted with it.

More NoSAactive reviews

One My Big Fat Fabulous Life fan wrote, “My wife and I want to be more active but diets are not what we want – happy to see this!” Another fan complimented Jessica and Whitney. They noted, “Whitney, I think that you have made one such an awesome decision to partner up with @dragonqueen11 and I think that you two are going to take NO BS ACTIVE to the stars 😍❤️.”

Whitney Way Thore Brought In Jessica - Did NoBSactive Improve
Credit: NoBSactive | Instagram

This comment also came in for Jessica and Whitney Way Thore on the NoBSactive page: “Now that @dragonqueen11…joined I’m all in!!! I’m loving this new atmosphere way better!”

One fan said it straight out: “Yay I’m in now that Ryan is out.”

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