‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Opens Up In Q&A

Unexpected Myrka Cantu and Ethan

Unexpected star Myrka Cantu took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday and answered a lot of questions in a Q&A. Some of them, she couldn’t answer as they revolved around Reanna being booted from the TLC show. Apart from her personal life with Ethan and their baby, she also talked about the delay in the show. And she told fans it should return in March. It takes “a month” or so for TLC to edit Reanna’s scenes out.

Unexpected – Myrka Cantu’s Q&A seemed quite extensive

On the show, fans saw that Myrka’s dad seemed more supportive than her mom. Recall, her mom threw Myrka out of the house. But her dad seemed unhappy and for some reason, he thought he got the blame for Myrka’s problems. But they seem quite close these days. In her Q&A, she said they became much “closer.” Not only that, but she and Ethan currently live with him. So, they no longer stay with Ethan’s family.

Recall, Myrka Cantu moved in with Ethan after her mom threw her out. But they ran into problems with that as well. We reported that Ethan Ybarra posted on his Facebook account and confirmed rumors that they got kicked out. At the time, he blamed his aunt, Mellisa Hernandez for stirring the pot with Myrka. So, fans of Unexpected probably rejoice that for now, Ethan, Myrka, and her baby live in a safe space.

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Credit: Myrka Cantu | Instagram Stories

Lilliana and Myrka still butt heads

TLC fans slammed Myrka’s mom Lilliana because she kicked her daughter out of the house. Shocked fans couldn’t get over how she seemingly never forgave her daughter. Despite being a self-confessed Christian, she stubbornly stood her ground. So, one fan asked Myrka if she and her mom get along better these days. Well, it seems there’s still some bad blood between them. Myrka said that she still “loves her tons.” But yeah, they still “bump heads a lot” as well.

Moving on, the Unexpected star spoke about breastfeeding her daughter. Myrka Cantu said that she enjoyed breastfeeding and managed it for four months. And later, she confirmed that she “dried up” because of “stress.” Hopefully, she feels less stressed these days. And, if you worry about Ethan and Myrka, they seem in a good place. Someone else asked if they clash at the moment. But Myrka denied it, saying “people come up with the craziest things.”

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Credit: Myrka Cantu | Instagram Stories

The young mom also mentioned that she and Ethan still attend school but work from home online. One day, when her baby’s a bit bigger, she hopes to become a firefighter or EMT.

On Reanna leaving, Myrka Cantu’s not dishing any tea about that. She told her fans she “thinks” she knows “why” TLC booted her and Taron. But she won’t say anything in case she gets it wrong. Plus, she’s probably under an NDA on that anyway. TLC would hardly be too pleased if she put all out there.

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