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Tony Padron Updates On Baby Room Progress

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Tony Padron & Mykelti look forward to the arrival of their baby, Avalon soon. And, he’s getting involved in the preparation of the baby room. With the baby shower behind them and the baby due in March, it looks like Tony turns to the practicality of the nursery. Sister Wives fans thought that the photo he shared looked very nice. And clearly, some of the stuff came from family and/or friends.

Tony Padron sounds as excited as Mykelti about baby Avalon

We reported that Mykelti nears the end of her third trimester now. And, she feels “ready” for her baby to come. And, they prepare for their baby enthusiastically. Bear in mind, they married soon after Maddie Brush, but so far Maddie produced the only grandchildren for Kody Brown. So, this new addition comes as a welcome event for the Brown family. Christine arranged a big virtual baby shower and some of the family attended the real-life function.

InTouch Weekly noted the baby’s due in March and they already selected the name for their little girl. In the comments section of Tony’s post, fans told him they “love” the “name Avalon.” In the photo that Tony Padron shared, the baby room comes with a set of wall-mounted shelving. On it sit many toys and books. Comfy cushions lie scattered around, and net draped over the crib area looks neat and brand new.

Baby room ‘coming along’

In his post, the dad-to-be wrote, “The Baby Room is coming along! All credit to my wife for the theme 😉 @mykeltip.” Then he thanked “everyone [who] supported us and our baby.” While they never openly asked fans for gifts, Christine Brown hinted at it Sister Wives fans thought. So probably, some fans sent in gifts for little Avalon. Fans hope that in the new season of the TLC show they see Mykelti give birth. But the first teaser that TLC dropped on Instagram revealed women crying and moaning, and Kody sounding grumpy.

Fans might see Mykelti and Tony Padron with their baby. Especially as her mom Christine complained that all she wants is to “go back to Utah.” And the young parents-to-be live in that state. The last that fans heard, Tony gave up his job at the bank and works from home. Maybe he also earns something from the new season of the show.

‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Hints Possible Return To The Show – Fans Speculate About New Job

Fans comment on the baby room for Avalon

In the comments section of Tony Padron’s post, TLC fans congratulated him on a job well done. And others sent in their blessings and hopes from all over the world. One of them wrote, “So excited for you both. The nursery is so cute. Your little girl is so blessed to have you and Mykelti as parents. I just know she will be ADORABLE..❤️❤️.”

Tony Padron Updates On Baby Room Progress
Credit: Tony Padron | Instagram

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