‘Unpolished’ Sneak Peek! Jennifer Martone Admits to Being a Negligent Mom to Lexi

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Whose ready!? The newest episode of the TLC reality hit Unpolished airs in just a few hours. You better hang on tight! It looks like some stuff is about to hit the fan. In a recent sneak peek clip posted on the TLC Twitter page, Jennifer Martone admits that she was a negligent parent to daughter Lexi when she was younger. Read on to get the scoop on the latest Martone drama.


Mom and Daughter Tensions are Building on Unpolished

As Tv Shows Ace reported last week, a major blow-up occurred between Jennifer and Lexi after an incident at the salon left a customer’s custom nail job unfinished.

In a heated conversation between the mom and daughter duo, Lexi made it very apparent that she was feeling used. She tells Jennifer very bluntly that they set their expectations bar much higher for her than for her sister. Lexi feels this often results in Bria getting special treatment or getting away with doing the bare minimum. In fact, in a very candid quote from the episode, Lexi explains it to her mom by saying “Its been this way for our whole lives” she says frustratedly, “Like when I get a 99% on a test, and it was like, ‘Why didn’t you get 100?’, and Bri got a 50, and we put a [expletive] flag outside!”

Jennifer doesnt deny that this happened.  In fact, she justifies it by telling Lexi she’s held to higher standards because she’s smarter than her sister. Mom defends her actions by simply saying “Because she [Bria] doesn’t have your brain.” We are sure mom intended this to be a compliment – but it really read more like a slap in the face. It’s clear to viewers that Jennifer is really in denial about how differently she treats her daughters. She clearly knows that Lexi is the more intelligent, talented daughter – but somehow feels like that means that she doesn’t need as much care and support as Bria.

This Week’s Unpolished Sneak Peek is a Doozy

Earlier today, TLC released a short clip from tonight’s upcoming Unpolished episode, and boy, things are getting interesting. In tonight’s episode, Jennifer appears to be feeling some guilt over not having nurtured her oldest daughter as much growing up. Lexi clearly has some deep-rooted emotional issues stemming from feeling unheard and undervalued.  Jennifer appears to realize now that some of that fault belongs on her shoulders.

In an emotional conversation between the pair, Mom tells Lexi that she knows that she is upset about a lot of things that happened way in the past and about her recent breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Joe. She also admits to Lexi that she never knew she was unhappy – or that maybe she did and that she might have repressed that knowledge because she didn’t want to think her daughter was not happy.

Lexi confirms that yes, she is still upset about a lot of old issues. She reminds mom that because her feelings were ignored, the issues were ‘never resolved.’

Lexi and Jennifer Martone, SS, Episode
Photo Credit, TLC – ‘Unpolished’

‘I Don’t Know If Anybody’s Listening’

During the intense conversation with her Mom, Jennifer vows to be more emotionally available to her daughter. Jennifer says she will do a better job of listening so that Lexi can get things off her chest and maybe not carry around so much hurt and anxiety with her. She says ‘I’m listening, I’m really listening.’

Lexi responds by looking down at her hands sadly and saying “Well, when I talk, I don’t know if anybody is listening.”

These types of feelings are clear red flags that Lexi is likely suffering from rejection and self-esteem. It seems that in an effort to impress her family – her hard work gave them something to lean on. This basically turned Lexi into a crutch. Everyone depends on her but they never seem to stop to realize how little appreciation or even acknowledgment they give her.

It will be interesting to see whether these negative emotions will cause a rift between Lexi and her female relatives. Additionally, how will that rift affect the workplace environment and profitability of the salon?

Check out tonight’s episode of Unpolished on TLC at 10pm EST.  Then head back here and tell us in the comments how you feel about the current family dynamic. Do you think Jennifer has been neglectful or is Lexi just acting out for attention?



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