‘MAFS:’ Dr. Viviana Gets Slammed by Angry Fans

MAFS Dr. Viviana

MAFS Dr. Viviana Coles upset fans when she told them to chill and not take the show so seriously. But they see real people getting hurt. So, fans become increasingly upset with the experts like Dr. Viviana on the Lifetime show. Often, fans see that couples go through a lot of stress. And they seem so incompatible. In fact, many of them come with huge red flags. Some people speculated that the casting crew makes the final decision. But MAFS‘ Dr. Viviana said that’s incorrect. The experts make the final decision on who participates and who gets matched with who.

MAFS Dr. Viviana ignores too many red flags fans think

We reported on one recent issue that arose in Married at First Sight. It involved Virginia and Erik. While Erik really wants kids, Virginia sounds less than thrilled with the idea. And his mom desperately hopes to be a grandma. But Virginia simply said she doesn’t want to think about it and she only goes “50/50” on the idea. So, she said people should check back with her in a few “years” time. Well, a few years seems too far away. After all, agreeing on kids or not seems vital in any married relationship.

So, MAFS fans c0mplained that surely the Lifetime experts thought about that when they matched the couple. That’s when someone suggested that perhaps the experts don’t get to chose who features on the show. But Dr. Viviana laid the idea to rest. It came when she did a Live and responded to all the criticism by Married at First Sight fans. Apparently, so many people complained about red flags and bad matchups that she felt compelled to defend herself. In particular, this season, fans give the experts a lot of heat over Paige and Chris Williams. He came with loads of red flags.

Expert tells fans to ‘chill’

Sounding a bit irritated, MAFS‘ Dr. Viviana said that she knows some train wrecks happen. But reminded everyone that she’s “there.” So, they don’t tell her anything new. Then, in other short clips, she talked about reality TV fans getting way too “invested.” And she told them they should “chill” and “enjoy the ride.” @mafsfan on Instagram shared the clips which fans saved and asked what people feel about those comments by Dr. Viviana. And, not a lot of them sound at all happy.

After all, MAFS followers think this show involves “real people” with real emotions. And they think it’s impossible to just sit and chill and watch “abuse” go down. Here’s what some people said about Dr. Viviana:

  • “She says “Don’t stress? Chill out?” WOW.So we witness abuse on this show and now they’re telling fans to stop talking about it. Fans are not overreacting. These are real people.”
  • “I think the “experts” and production should be held accountable for casting someone with a million red flags.”
  • “Lifetime pays for the divorces, they should pay for the counseling afterward.”
  • “it’s pissing me off she just blowing it off she wouldn’t want that cr-p done to her.”
  • “Im really surprised at how she is downplaying this. Yes it’s reality TV…but this is also a real marriage. Sounds like ratings/drama are more important than setting up couples for a successful future. I don’t like the demeanor here.”
MAFS Dr. Viviana slammed by fans
Credit: mafsfan | Instagram

Many more similar comments went in from MAFS fans. And they mostly supported this comment: “they’re messing with people’s lives and to make matches that are so fundamentally mis matched….it’s shocking the ways [MAFS Dr. Viviana is] telling people to chill out,(sic).”

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