‘Long Island Medium’ Fans Upset It Airs On Discovery+

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Long Island Medium premieres on Friday, February 5. But fans seem bitterly upset because it’s exclusive to discovery+. The TLC show’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of fans grow interested in how Theresa Caputo talks to the dead. And There in Spirit, reveals that Theresa went through an emotional time with the coronavirus around. But many fans who can’t afford the fees on top of cable miss out.

Long Island Medium: There in Spirit airs exclusively on discovery+

Fans who enjoy the show, often feel encouraged because it helps them believe that there really might be an afterlife. However, it looks like that information now depends on how large your wallet is. TLC only airs the new season on discovery+. And, if you like this sort of show, you might recall how Theresa Caputo went off-script at one stage. In October during Season 14, fans saw her carry out an impromptu hearing for a member of the crew. It came during an appearance on the set of Lifetime.

Yahoo reported that the star of Long Island Medium joined them on their set. But, she caught the vibes from one of the crew. And she spoke to them about how their loved one died. Actually, it was merciful or she might have frozen to death instead. Probably, that crew member probably didn’t even let onto Theresa that they lost someone. So, more TLC fans became convinced of Theresa’s genuine abilities.

Angry fans comment on the paid subscription

TLC dropped a couple of teasers for the show already. Over on Instagram, fans who feel unhappy about discovery+ let their feelings out. One of them commented, “Can’t see the show now. Not subscribing when I pay a ridiculous amt for cable.”

And another person also expressed their anger. They wrote, “So mad its coming to discovery plus 😡 won’t be able to see it since that’s not available in Canada!!!😡”

And, the disappointment probably grows because Access reported that the show reveals how Theresa dealt with the coronavirus. Talking to them, the Long Island Medium star said it seemed a particularly difficult time as so many people passed on. One family all went down with the virus. But one of them sadly passed on. So, she described it as “tough.” Plus fans who pay for discovery+ see some stars’ readings as well. These include “Rosario Dawson, Carmen Electra, and Meghan Trainor.”

One of the teasers showed a sorrowful family who missed their dad after he passed on. Incredibly, Theresa even described how he used to stand and flex his muscles. And the family all agreed he did. They flashed up a photo of him doing just that.

Long Island Medium Fans Upset It Airs On Discovery+1
Credit: TLC | Instagram

Some skeptics claim Theresa cons gullible people. But a lot of fans believe her and feel sad that they miss Long Island Medium which now airs on discovery+.

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