‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Brown’s Ready For Her Baby To Come

Sister Wives Mykelti Brown

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown is eight months pregnant now. And, like many late tri-trimester moms, she’s just ready for her baby to come now. When she and Tony Padron welcome their child, Kody Brown can celebrate being a grandpa for the third time. Mind you, fans don’t think that Kody seems very involved in Mykelti’s new addition to the TLC clan.

Sister Wives – Mykelti Brown’s baby’s due in March

Mykelti seldom posts photos of her pregnancy on her social media. But her mom, Christine shared pictures of her daughter at her baby shower. And, she looked well-advanced in her pregnancy. In fact, if the baby comes early, it might even arrive in February. TLC fans agree that pregnancy suits the first-time mom. And now she posted another rarely seen photo of her baby bump on February 3.

In her hashtags, Mykelti said “#8monthspregnant,” “#dueinmarch” and  “#readyforthistoend.” Then she wrote, “At this point I’m just happy I can find clothes I still fit in.”

Well, most people feel enormous and swollen as they head into the last month of pregnancy. So, she found lots of sympathetic fans in the comments section. Actually, a lot of Sister Wives fans seemed taken aback at her likeness to her sister Gwendlyn. It’s probably more noticeable as she stopped dying her hair during her pregnancy. So, her hair glows with that lovely color all of Christine’s kids inherited.

Ready for this baby – fans talk about the nearing birth

In the comments section, a lot of moms who gave birth already spoke to Mykelti. They reminded her that soon, the pregnancy ends and then her life becomes full of the joy of a little one. Meanwhile, other more practically-minded fans told her she should enjoy a “good sleep” while she can. Universally, her followers commented on how she really “glows” during her pregnancy. She looks beautiful, they agree. Meanwhile, others hope that she goes through much shorter labor than Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brown Brush.

Recall, Sister Wives covered both of  Maddie’s babies’ arrivals. And, some people felt terribly sorry for her painful and protracted labor. Hopefully, Mykelti experiences a fast and easy birth with her first child. It’s not clear if they show the birth on the upcoming season of the TLC show. And some fans even wonder if Kody Brown really takes much interest in her baby. While he seldom features on social media, he seems particularly absent from Mykleti’s life at the moment.

Sister Wives Mykelti Brown's Ready For Her Baby To Come
Credit: Mykelti Brown Padron | Instagram

Kody Brown and his new grandchild

TV Season Spoilers reported that many fans wonder why Kody never featured in any photos at Mykelti’s baby shower. After all, her husband Tony attended. So, it didn’t look like men were prohibited. And some scathing fans think he probably couldn’t tear himself away from his “favorite wife,” Robyn. Or, maybe he still feels a bit resentful that Mykelti and Tony insisted on quite an elaborate wedding ceremony when he could ill-afford it.

Soon, Sister Wives fans will hear news of Mykelti Brown’s baby arriving. And many of them can’t wait for the first photos to emerge.

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