‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Way Thore Feels This Way About 2020

My Big Fat Beautiful Life Credit: Whitney Way Thore

2020 was definitely a difficult year for many and Whitney Way Thore is no exception. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star started 2020 with a lot of promise and happiness in her life. Sadly, it all came to a screeching halt and a recent screen-grab from her show perfectly summed up her 2020.

Starting 2020 With A Bang and A Ring

It seemed like 2020 was going to be a promising year. By March, that all fell to the wayside when the world shut down due to Covid. But, for Whitney, it did not matter if she was on lockdown. In October of 2019, the reality star became engaged to boyfriend, Chase Severino. He popped the question while they were vacationing in Paris so it was clearly very magical and everything she deserved. She could use this time to get ready for her upcoming nuptials and relish in fiancee bliss.

Initially, the couple kept their engagement between the two of them for about two months before sharing the news with the world. Whitney could not wait for viewers to watch the whole process of wedding planning and the big day go down. “Chase and I are so excited to officially announce our engagement and even more excited for My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers to share this happiness with us,” she told People Magazine. Sadly, by May of 2020, Whitney’s whole world fell apart. It went from My Big Fat Fabulous Life to What Just Happened?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life No More

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Whitney’s heart was broken when she learned the truth about Chase. While they were together, he had impregnated someone else. They had been having a difficult time and were living apart. While this was going on, Chase ended up back with someone whom he had a long history with. Ultimately, it turned sexual and she ended up pregnant. She shared the news on Instagram and asked for privacy while turning off all comments. Chase, for his part, was excited to be a father but claimed to understand the pain he had caused Whitney.

Whitney’s producer sent her a shot from one of the monitors and it summed up her year. So much so, she felt the need to share it on social media and poke fun at herself and 2020. It has been a hard year for Whitney. She lost her fiance and, on top of that, he impregnated someone else. And trying to date during a pandemic? Very difficult. But, she does seem to be quite popular with the gents so I have a feeling she won’t be single for long!

Do you echo her 2020 sentiment or was it a good year for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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