Gretchen Rossi Shares Heartbreaking Reason She Left ‘RHOC’

Gretchen Rossi-YouTube

RHOC alum Gretchen Rossi is sharing the heartbreaking reason why she left after five seasons. The blonde bombshell burst onto the scene in Season 4 but exited after Season 8. So, what made her depart the series? Keep reading for more details.

Gretchen Rossi Shares Heartbreaking Reason She Left RHOC

When Gretchen Rossi first joined RHOC in Season 4, she was young, blonde, and beautiful. Yet, she also had an older, wealthy fiance named Jeff who was very sick. She was looked at as a gold digger due to the age difference and the fact that he was so ill. Co-star Tamra Judge even made a comment about Gretchen leaving her fiance behind so she could vacation with her family. By the following season, Jeff had passed away. Gretchen moved on with resident playboy, Slade Smiley who had dated other housewives. He was also in debt and the cast wondered what she was doing with someone like him.

Gretchen Rossi-YouTube
Gretchen Rossi-YouTube

By the time they both left in Season 8, they were engaged. Now, with the show in Season 18, Gretchen and Slade are still together, they have a daughter, and she appeared in RHUGT Morocco. That was the tainted trip with Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo that may never air. However, Gretchen is speaking out as to why she left the series to begin with and it had to do with her poor portrayal. She did not care for them making her out to look like a gold digger when there was so much more to who she was.


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According to Monsters & Critics, Gretchen Rossi spoke up on the Then God Moved podcast about her time on the Bravo series. She shared this:

”I was so excited when I started the show. I just thought this will be fun, I get to go shopping and drink champagne with some girlfriends.”

Unfortunately, RHOC created their own narrative and completely ignored vital parts of her life. Not only was and is she deeply connected to God but she was also successful in real estate. She went on to add:

“They immediately tried to make me look like I was this gold digger. And they did a really good job of telling that narrative. They tried everything to destroy me.”

Realizing It Was Time To Go

Everyone has their time when they realize it is time to leave. Gretchen Rossi recalled her moment when she started to realize she needed to reevaluate what she was doing. She met with a fan all of six years old and that hit her very hard:

“Even though the fan support means the world to me — in that moment, I believe God put it on my heart that this isn’t the example that I want to be setting. That’s part of the reason that I left.”

Now at 45, Gretchen is enjoying her life as a mother and a partner to Slade. She seemed to be looking forward to RHUGT airing but that is up in the air. Additionally, she promotes MLMs and attends lavish events. She did appear in later episodes of RHOC with former enemy, Vicki Gunvalson but it seems she is done.

Do you think Bravo did its job in creating the Gretchen that they wanted? More so, did she help play into it just a bit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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