‘Unpolished’ Jennifer Martone Rejects Lexi’s Pupcakes

Jennifer Martone

Jennifer Martone, Lexi’s mom pretty much said “Hell to the Nah” when she tried out home-baked doggie-snacks. Everyone knows from Unpolished, that Lexi works really hard. But when she found some down-time, she set about spoiling her pups. Lexi has two adorable dogs, a Maltese and Maltipoo. And it turns out that Lexi’s a really devoted dog-mom.

Jennifer Martone samples Lexi’s pupcakes

Lexi woke up one day and greeted her special little furbabies. Then, she wandered off to the kitchen while she chattered away to them. There, they ate some breakfast. Then, she took them outside where they did their business. That’s one of the less-appealing dog-mom things Lexi does for her pups. But she loves them anyway. Lexi seems busy at work. So, she made the most of her downtime with her pooches.
We reported that fans feel a bit concerned for Lexi as she works so hard at the salon. These days, she also helps out at the front in the salon. And, she feels that Bria doesn’t do enough work there. Meanwhile, her mom Jennifer Martone says everyone must “pull their weight.” So, Unpolished fans like it that she had some downtime and spent it with her doggies. Lexi decided she’d bake some cupcakes for the dogs. And she calls them “pupcakes.” She called up Jennifer who popped over to sample them.

Cupcake is not a pupcake unless it looks like a bone

Lexi called her up and told her all about her baking. But she’d never heard of a pupcake before. So, Lexi explained she planned on making cupcakes, but a doggie version. Jennifer said no way could they be should be called pupcakes unless they’re “shaped like a  dog or a bone.” Well, there’s a limit to Lexi’s spoiling, so she went ahead and baked ordinary-looking ones.
When Jennifer Martone arrived, she scolded the dogs for peeing in the hall. Then she commented on how the place looked so clean. Apparently, Lexi likes baking but always make a mess. But Lexi told her she hadn’t made them yet. So, she set about baking. There are all sorts of ingredients in them, including pumpkin. She explained that they’re really good for dogs. Anyway, Jennifer seemed determined to taste them. Something she regretted.

Unpolished mom rejects the pupcakes

Lexi’s doggies definitely liked the pupcakes. But Jen said they really need a lot of sugar. So, Lexi reminded her they’re for dogs not for her. TLC fans loved the banter when they saw the clip on Instagram. After she rejected the cupcakes as no good for humans, she told Lexi she had to leave. Notably, before she got involved in cleaning the kitchen. In her caption, Lexi wrote, “dog mom for life…these little sh-ts are lucky I love them. also, my mom eats a cupcake.”

In the comments section of the post. Jennifer Martone replied saying, ” Lexi is the best puppy mommy 🖤🖤 Spoiled little ones!!!! And I will not be eating those PUPCAKES again!”

Jennifer Martone Rejects Lexi Pupcakes
Credit: Lexi Martone | Instagram

TLC fans giggled at that. But many of them asked Lexi for the recipe. Unfortunately, she didn’t reply. However a similar sort of recipe’s available over at recipetineats.com. But unlike Jennifer Martone, you might not want to eat them yourself.

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