Sam Dillard Falls In Love With A Thrift Store Find

Sam Dillard

Sam Dillard, the younger son of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, looked adorable when he accompanied his mom on a shopping trip. He fell in love with his new soft PJs and wouldn’t let go. Jill said that she and her cousin Amy visited the “Potters House Thrift” shop. And the quality of the clothing looks very good. Actually, it looks like any trip to the store goes down well with both Derick and the boys. And who knows what treasures they might stumble across?

Sam Dillard enjoys a trip to the shop, gets new PJs

We reported that when Jill and Derick attended to the laundry after a wet snow-day, the boys “helped” by washing their storybooks. The Counting On alums tried drying them out. But perhaps they didn’t succeed all that much. A few days later, she and Derick visited the Potters House Thrift shop. There they found some astonishingly good books for kids. And some of them were still brand new and in their wrappers.

Sam Dillard’s older brother Israel seemed thrilled with the treasure they took home that day. Fans know that Derick often reads them stories. And they gather together on their comfy couch regularly for storytime. Certainly, the family seems to grow their sons into bookworms. And that never hurts kids with their education. In fact, Israel goes to a public school these days. Unusually for a Duggar, he certainly seems enthusiastic about it.

Sam Dillard, Israel, Derick and Jill
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram

Jill shares photos of Sam in the thrift shop

Taking to her Instagram Stories on February 1, Jill Duggar shared some photos of herself visiting the thrift shop with Sam and her cousin Amy King. But her cute son Sam stole the show. The TLC alum said that he loves “soft” things. And he certainly seemed very impressed with the super-soft PJs that his mom placed in the cart. He touched it longingly. And later, Jill shared another snap. In that one, he held the PJ’s firmly, and wouldn’t let go of them. Probably, he ended up taking them home.

Sam Dillard loves that soft Minky-fabric feeling. And who doesn’t love that baby-blanket soft cuddly feeling? Especially on a chilly night in winter. Kids adore soft blankets and soft toys. It reminds them of their early security after they arrived in this harsh world. And sometimes, they retain a love for soft material well into their adult years. Baby Center explains that many children love their soft toys and blankets so much, parents sometimes have difficulty weaning them off.

Sam Dillard Adorably Hangs Onto His New Soft PJs
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram

Do you love soft things like adorable Sam Dillard? If you could choose between expensive silk or soft and cuddly for your PJs, which one would you choose? Sound off in the comments below.

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