Jo (DoeDoe) Shannon Shares New Workout With Fans

Doedoe Shannon

Jo (Doedoe) Shannon looks really good these days, fans agree and now she shared her workout routine. Like the rest of the family, it looks like Doedoe struggles with weight issues. Possibly, it just runs in the family genetics. But these days, like Mama June’s daughters Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo, she works hard at shedding excess weight and looking good.

Doedoe Shannon works out, inspires her fans

When Doedoe shared her birthday gifts this year, we noted that in the comments, plenty of fans told her she looks fabulous these days. Actually, it came not long after Christmas when she took to her baking with enthusiasm. Who doesn’t like a few sweet treats during the holiday season?

Taking to her Instagram on February 1, Doedoe Shannon reveals the app she uses. And she got down on the floor and demonstrated her efforts. Impressed fans loved seeing her work out. In her caption, Doedoe said that getting and keeping fit is a New Year’s resolution. And she’s “determined” to stick with it. While she promoted one app, plenty of other apps offer something similar. Nevertheless, maintaining a routine always seems hard no matter how many apps you might use.

Inspired fans comment on Doedoe’s post

Here’s what Mama June: From Not To Hot fans said to the WEtv star:

  • “I need to follow your example.šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ā¤ļø.”
  • “Get it girl!!! I need to join u!!!”
  • “Go girl, you are the only one I’ve seen try to promote the product and actually work out! Best of luck šŸ’œ.”
  • “You are an inspiration to me…I want to lose my weight.”
  • “you look amazing!! šŸ˜ keep up the good work!!”

One fan asked Doedoe Shannon how much weight she lost. And, she answered with honesty and candor. Doedoe wrote, “honestly I have been up and down just like everyone else that struggles but this app is helping me to stay on point. Iā€™m not stopping this time šŸ˜šŸ˜Ž.”

Doedoe Shannon Shares her Workout With Fans
Credit: Doedoe Shannon | Instagram

Motivation for workouts

Most people kick off with determination, but that can quickly diminish. So shares some motivational tips. One thing the website recommends is that you dress for the workout. Get out of those jammies and put on your workout outfit.

Like Doedoe Shannon, wear something sporty that you feel comfortable in. They also suggest you place your workout on your daily to-do list, and then treat it like an “appointment.” Plus they recommend you stay away from sugary, processed foods, and treats. They simply don’t provide enough long-term energy for you to exercise properly.

What do you think of DoeDoe’s new body? Let us know in the comments below.

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