Foxy Grandma Of ‘Unpolished’ Has The Most Bragging Rights

Foxy Grandma, Instagram

Lexi Martone and her sister Bria Martone Mancuso are talented, but there is someone in the family who has been a style icon for a long time. Foxy Grandma truly is the one in the family with the most bragging rights. Why? Because she’s been doing hair for forty years. She loves a good tease and the pandemic almost made her go stir-crazy. She found herself styling wigs to keep doing what she loved.

When Lexi first introduced her grandma on the show she said, “We call her Foxy Grandma because, I mean, look at her. She’s Foxy.” Lexi also said she takes people with no hair and teases it until they have an afro. Foxy is 77, but she seems to keep up with the younger girls in her family just find. She matches them in with an enthusiasm for the salon.

Foxy Grandma Wanted To Return To Work

Foxy Grandma doesn’t like for people to tell her what to do. She didn’t want to stay home with her husband and not work. When she finally returned to the salon, Lexi had a hazmat suit waiting for her. Foxy told her, “I hate it.” She said she couldn’t do hair with it on.

One lady in her nineties came to see her and was really unhappy she wasn’t there because of the pandemic. Foxy gets loyal customers of her own. She’s the most affordable member of Salon Martone. Most of Foxy’s clients are seniors according to Distractify.

The Reality Star Answered Questions About The Show

Foxy Grandma answered some questions for TLC. When asked what her favorite part of Season one was she said filming. Filming with Alexia, Bria, and her daughter thrilled her. Lexi asked, “what about the nursing home. All your ladies?” Foxy said, “I love my seniors, they make me my money.” In one episode of Season 1, they went to a nursing home so Foxy could get some new clients.

Foxy Grandma, Instagram

They asked if she did Papa Joe’s hair. She said she’d been doing it for fifty years. If she didn’t cut his ponytail then it would be down his back. She said he’d had it for fifty years. Foxy said, “I do it. He doesn’t go to a barber. I make him look gorgeous.”

She said if she could be another family member she’d be Lexi. She said she loved the nails and she’d love to do them. Being back from the pandemic, “fulfills her life again.” Foxy said her girls were keeping her safe. Overdoing it. Lexi said they tried to get her a plastic igloo. But they couldn’t find one. The thing she’s looking forward to most in Season 2 is the wedding. She said she can’t reveal anything about it.

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