‘MAFS’ Fans Slam Chris Williams As ‘Gross On So Many Levels’

MAFS Chris Williams

MAFS fans decided from the get-go that Chris Williams thinks he’s way more special than he really is. And after the last episode, one Lifetime fan said that he’s “gross on so many levels.” And plenty of people agree with that sentiment. Married at First Sight critics think there’s no end to his arrogance. And really, fans wonder, “What’s so special about running a Subway franchise?” Many of them feel angry and upset as they believe the dating show mismatched Chris with Paige.

MAFS star Chris Williams annoys and angers fans

Those fans who can’t stand Chris Williams and his boastfully insufferable ways might be happy to hear he lost his Subway franchise. It came during the coronavirus lockdowns. Like so many other small businesses, it failed as a lack of income made operations impossible. But he picked himself up again and apparently started some other new ventures. He always claimed that he got his big break because when he was homeless he studied. Good on him, if that’s correct. But nobody really likes how he always makes out he’s more special than everyone else.

The MAFS star always seems rather abrupt and fans didn’t like the way Chris Williams behaved in Episode 3. TV Insider reminds readers that he also seems very insensitive towards Paige. When she walked down the aisle, his biggest concern seemed to be if she’d look “attractive” enough for his tastes. Plus, he never really found out about Paige, but assume she’d be happy with a “babymoon” pregnancy. Then he showed her his tattoo and told her it covered an ex’s name. Needless to say, he hardly stopped talking about his ex, which didn’t go down well.

‘Gross On So Many Levels’

Lifetime on Instagram shared a clip that revealed Chris saying that Paige doesn’t cut it as his sort of woman. They captioned it with, “Can Chris grow in his attraction towards Paige?” Well, many fans hope that never happens and that the Married at First Sight wanna-be disappears into the sunset. One of them said, “Paige deserves better and deserves a better looking man. His Dad looking like Uncle Fester with his cringy comment. I’m not feeling this guy AT ALL!!”

Another MAFS fan slammed Chris Williams by writing, “Chris is intimidated by Paige’s success and he’s trying to downplay her worth by attacking her looks. Weak boy. ”

Then this comment arrived: “He disgusts me and this will be a waste of time for [Paige]. Experts getting a little sus with these matches now!😫🤦🏾‍♀️”

MAFS Chris Williams Gross On So Many Levels
Credit: Lifetime | Instagram

After one fan noted that Chis made her so angry she wanted to “throw her TV out the window,” another one noted, “he’s gross on so many levels.”

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  1. Married at First Sight – Chris Williams is not a man of God, since he never respected his wife, it was all about him the whole time. What a looser!

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