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Carlin Bates’ Daughter Layla Enjoys First Zoo Visit

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Carlin Bates’ daughter Layla experienced a few new things in January 2021. Not all of them went down with cheers, bells, and whistles, But, her first visit to the zoo seemed like a major success. Now nearly one-year-old, it seems she’s old enough to at appreciate the animals. In a series of photos that the Bringing Up Bates star shared, Layla grinned with delight.

Carlin Bates’ daughter Layla gets a new first experience

We reported that earlier this month, little Layla got her first taste of a lemon. Of course, lemons are good for kids, if you remove the pits and make sure to use ones with no chemicals applied. Well, as you can imagine, the poor baby’s face really scrunched up from the sour taste. And, her mom thought she looked hilarious. At least this time, her new experience didn’t involve a surprise like that.

Carlin Bates generously offers up loads of photos and videos of her little family. On January 23, she took to her Instagram and shared all about the visit to the zoo. She explained in the comments section, that the “indoor exhibits” remain closed because of the coronavirus. Also, very few people attended the zoo, but “Layla still had a blast seeing the animals though! 🥰”

Zoo photos reveal a smiling baby Layla

The UPtv star posted up six photos of the family at the zoo. One showed Layla smiling with delight. And in the others,  both Evan and her mom featured with her. Plus, a picture showed the monkeys. Probably, Layla liked those a lot. One fan commented, “Yayyyyy Layla, yayyyyyy, the zoo is so much fun and I bet the animals thought you were the absolute cuuuutest…cuz you are😍👶❤️ What fun parents!!!”

The Berkley Parents Network noted that at the age of one, a kid “might enjoy looking at the elephants for 3 min, running on the sidewalk, playing in the dirt, eating a snack, and then going home.” They don’t fully grasp the concept of things like that until they reach the age of about two or more. But any child usually enjoys an outing with their parents. So, Carlin Bates and Evan didn’t completely waste their time with the visit to the zoo.

Carlin Bates Baby Layla First Zoo Visit
Credit: Carlin Bates | Instagram

Evan plays mom for a day

If you enjoy watching videos that Carlin Bates and Evan share, then you might be happy to know that she recently popped up a new one. In it, she revealed that Evan decided he’d be a mom for a bit. Actually, he managed quite well. And big news came. In the video, baby Layla was able to stand by herself for a bit. Not yet ready to walk through, she kneeled down and crawled away.

Fans are eagerly awaiting news of when the new season of Bringing Up Bates will premiere. Check back with us for updates.

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