Jinger Vuolo Cleared For Workouts

Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy

Jinger Vuolo birthed her second child Evangeline Jo Vuolo on November 22. Two months later, almost to the day, she got cleared for workouts again. Fans already saw that she shed a lot of weight after the birth. And, it didn’t take long for the Counting On star to look attractive again. Many people struggle with that. The first few weeks seem difficult for everyone. But some people just struggle for months.

Jinger Vuolo rocked jeans and now works out again

Counting On fans seemed blown away when Jinger wore jeans soon after the birth of her baby. Many TLC fans couldn’t get over how she fit into them so soon. And, even if she wore maternity jeans, she still looked very comfortable and fresh in them. So, fans probably imagine how good she looks now. On Thursday, January 21, she took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself standing by some gym equipment.

Jinger Vuolo wore a blue golf shirt and a cap. In her caption, she explained how she continued working out through her pregnancy. So, she feels “thankful” about that. The Duggar daughter said that sometimes, she felt a bit demotivated, but it “was definitely worth it in the end.” Obviously, after the birth, she stopped so her body could heal. Now, she wrote, “Just got cleared to get back at it and I can’t wait! 🙌🏼.”

How soon should new moms start workouts?

According to sittercity.com, time varies from six to eight weeks before moms work out again. It depends on the type of birth, whether C-Section or natural birth. The outlet notes that “doing high-intensity workouts before your body is ready can be more harmful than helpful when you’re newly postpartum.” And even then, they suggest starting with “low-impact” exercises like “walking” or s”stretching.” Maybe the Counting On star already started that.

Once the doctors give the all-clear, it’s recommended that moms like Jinger Vuolo start with walking and pushing a “stroller”. Or “yoga” and maybe some “Pilates.” And of course, any sort of water-based exercise also falls into the low-impact category. Usually, medical staff give moms some sort of workout plan.

Jinger Vuolo cleared for workouts
Credit: Jinger Vuolo | Instagram

TLC fans comment on Jinger

In the comments section of the post, Jinger’s fans talked about her workout and the way she looks. But first up came her sister Joy-Anna Duggar who said she felt “proud” of her. Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates from Bringing Up Bates also encouraged her. One fan recommended “Pilates.” And another fan of Jinger Vuolo noted that in her workout room, she displayed her yoga mats on a wall hanging. So, it looks like she thought through her postpartum workouts very carefully. One or two fans asked for her workout plan, so maybe Jinger shares that with them.

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