‘Young And The Restless’ Won’t Air For Trump Impeachment

The Young and the Restless booted for Trump Impeachment trial

Young and the Restless fans might feel disappointed that the soap got booted to cover the upcoming Trump Impeachment Trial. After all, most people watch their favorite show to escape the problems of day-to-day life. And right now, plenty of action takes place from spoilers that came out for this time period.

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal some riveting stuff, but Trump interrupts

We reported that loads of interesting storylines might play out between January 11 and January 22. For example, Sally and Jack seemingly get much closer and fans hope it becomes something bigger. And, it might suit Sally as an ally won’t hurt in the future. Then, CBS fans wonder about Devon and Elena. Will he finally get over her fling with Nate? Plus, fans want to hear more about Hilary and Amanda’s dad.

Other storylines that intrigue fans of The Young and the Restless involve Lily and Billy. Everyone knows that she has some second thoughts. Clearly, the way he mixes pleasure and business brings some issues between them. So fans know they go through a tricky patch right now. Will it all work out for the best? Well, it seems a lot of people need to wait to find out as the Trump Impeachment Trial coverage takes precedence.

Trump Impeachment Trial affects some states

According to ontheflixcom,  Y&R could face delays on January 21. They reported that “CBS decided to preempt/delay the airing of [the] January 21 “Young And The Restless” episode.” It affects “certain time zones in the United States to give LIVE coverage of the Impeachment Trial Rules.” As the House starts debating the rules of the trial, it’s not clear how much time CBS dedicates to it. And, it might run for some time. But hopefully, it picks up again on January 22.

However, it seems that fans needn’t worry too much as apparently, it all picks up where it left off. West Coast people might be lucky to still watch it. But people need to just “hope and pray” The Young and the Restless doesn’t get more “interruptions tomorrow.” Clearly, the House views this impeachment of Trump as very important. After all, US News reported that it even “eclipses” the start of the new “Biden era” in office.

A few Y&R fans complain

Some rather uncomplimentary comments came in. One person wrote, “heaven forbid should we miss a minute of a daytime melodrama, decide for yourselves which one I am talking about.”

However, most Young and the Restless fans seemingly just accept it for what it is right now. No amount of complaining will make the slightest difference. And potentially, the Live coverage brings in more viewers than the usual crowd who wait with bated breast for the next installment of their favorite soapie.

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