‘OutDaughtered’ Season 8 Premiere Date Confirmed: What To Expect

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OutDaughtered fans have been impatiently waiting for information on the Season 8 Premiere Date. We learned last year a Season 8 was coming. We suspected it would come sometime during 2021. But, we didn’t have any specifics. Adam Busby did his part to offer teasing information about the 2021 new season of OutDaughtered on social media. He did so more than once.

And, fans were relentless in asking for information about the future of the TLC series in every Instagram post. Fortunately, the time has finally come. TLC has confirmed the Season 8 Premiere Date of OutDaughtered. And, it is coming a lot sooner than we expected!

OutDaughtered Season 8 Premiere Date Confirmed

According to The Futon Critic, Season 8 of OutDaughtered will premiere on Tuesday, February 23rd. It will premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT. And, what can we expect from fresh episodes featuring the Busby family? Fortunately, we have some information on that as well.

Season 8 will pick up a few months after quarantine. The Busby family will include to some form of a “normal” life even though the pandemic rages on. New episodes of the TLC series feature the Busby family riding bikes and going on an RV trip. We will also see the Ava, Olivia, Parker, Hazel and Riley start kindergarten.

As the new season progresses, fans will watch the Busby family celebrate a number of holidays. Some celebrations will be homemade. Such as a haunted maze in their backyard. And, others will be a social distance visit to Santa Claus.

The pandemic won’t stand in the way of a good time

Season 8 of OutDaughtered will show Adam and Danielle Busby not letting the pandemic stand in their way. They continue to find ways to give Ava, Olivia, Parker, Hazel, Riley, and Blayke a good time. They continue to find ways to have fun. And, they refuse to let the pandemic get in the way of that.

Has Danielle or Adam commented on the new season?

Unfortunately, Adam and Danielle Busby have yet to post anything about the new season of OutDaughtered. The official Instagram account hasn’t spoken of the new season. Neither has the TLC Instagram account. In fact, there’s been very little coverage on this breaking news as of yet.

Adam Busby Gives Devastating ‘OutDaughtered’ New Season Update

Fans of OutDaughtered fans haven’t had a chance to process and react to this information yet. But, we are sure Season 8 of the series finally having a premiere date will thrill everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many episodes to expect just yet. We, however, are hoping it will be longer than Season 7.


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