Adam Busby Gives Devastating ‘OutDaughtered’ New Season Update

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Adam Busby has responded to one of the most frequently asked questions by OutDaughtered fans as of late. And, it was not exactly the answer we were hoping for.

Fans of OutDaughtered have a lot of questions about the upcoming season.

Now, we know a new season of OutDaughtered is coming. But, we still have a lot of questions.

When will we see new episodes of OutDaughtered? Does TLC have a release date for OutDaughtered Season 8 yet? Will OutDaughtered Season 8 contain more episodes than Season 7 did? These are just some of the questions fans continue to ask on Adam and Danielle’s social media profiles. OutDaughtered fans are desperate to see new episodes of their favorite TLC family on television again.

Fortunately for fans, Adam Busby is very responsive on social media. And, it appears as if he’s decided to respond to the continued cries for information about OutDaughtered Season 8. So, does Adam Busby know if there is a release date for OutDaughtered Season 8? Will we be seeing any new episodes of OutDaughtered?

Adam Busby gives devastating update about new episodes.

“Will we see some new episodes soon??” One Instagram follower asked in the comments of Adam Busby’s most recent Instagram post. The comment was nearly 70 times. Clearly a lot of fans agreed and wanted the answer to this question. Fortunately, Adam Busby decided to offer an answer. It, however, isn’t what fans were hoping for. In fact, many were pretty devastated by the answer.

“Nowhere close to having any dates yet.” Adam Busby penned in response.

While OutDaughtered fans appreciated the information. They were devastated. No one likes hearing it could be a while before we see new episodes.

  • “I miss the girls, especially the Hazel!”
  • “darn but hope you are all safe! Your girls are too cute!!!”
  • “awe bummer! We will continue to enjoy your IG posts and YouTube videos!”

The OutDaughtered dad did offer fans something to cheer them up.

Adam Busby, responding with the It’s a Buzz World Instagram account, left another comment just an hour ago. He informed his devastated followers they just uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. He encouraged them to head over and check it out.

You can check out the video below.

So, does this info about new episodes and Season 8 of OutDaughtered make you sad? Does it make you happy that Adam and Danielle remain active on their social media profiles? We did learn production for the new season of OutDaughtered begun a few weeks ago. But, it doesn’t sound like we are going to see new episodes until sometime next year!

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