‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Carrie’s Husband Chris Willing To Do Anything To Get Wife Back

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My 600 Lb. Life has a new episode tonight with Carrie. The thing is her husband Chris isn’t going to win everyone over. He is actually mentioning that he might leave her over food. She weighs over 600 lbs and it is time to do something about it. Chris wants her relationship with food fixed. She has a job, a husband and a daughter. This is a lot for someone her size to handle.

My 600 Lb. Life star Carrie

Carrie has been struggling with her weight and she is now over 600 lbs. She realizes that things are not going the way that they should. In the preview, Carrie says “I am afraid that my marriage is going to fall apart because of my weight problems. One day he could just walk out and that scares me to death.” She does realize that having to take care of her is hard on her husband.

Carrie will go to work and then come home after a long day. She has been thinking about one food that she wants all day long. Once she arrives home that is all she can think about. This My 600 Lb. Life star is admitting that it could ruin her marriage because food is her top priority. It is really clear that food matters more than anything. It will be interesting to see if Dr. Now can get that fixed or not.

Will her husband leave her?

Chris sounds like a great husband who is very involved with his My 600 Lb. Life star wife and her life. They live together and he makes her meals. She does work outside of the home, but he is the one bringing food to her. In the trailer, he says “I actually think she likes food too much. something does need to change immediately and I am willing to do anything to get my wife back the way she was before.” It does sound like he really wants to make it work if he can.

So will Chris leave Carrie? The viewers will just have to wait and see how it goes. She does have a long journey ahead of her either way. So far, he isn’t saying if he will stick around or not. He does love his wife a lot.

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