Maddie Brown Paints Evie’s Prosthetic Toes To Make Her ‘Feel Normal’

Maddie Brown Evie K

Maddie Brown Brush posted up on Instagram about how her adorable little girl Evie wanted her toenails painted. Well, many little girls see mommy doing that. And, they enjoy twinning. So, Evie asked her mom to help her out with pretty toes. Nothing wrong with that, except that Evie only has one foot. And that posed a bit of a dilemma for the Sister Wives mom.

Was she even allowed to paint her daughter’s prosthetic toes? It was something Maddie Brown questioned.

Maddie Brown talks about Evie K and her painted toenails

In late November we reported that Evie K started walking and Maddie shared their moment of joy. After all, it’s a big step along the road of milestones for Kody Brown’s granddaughter. TLC fans adore Evie K who seems like a resilient and strong little person already. Fans think nothing stands in her way and Maddie also seems like a really positive and strong personality. Plus, her big brother Axel no doubt protects his sister from bullies in years to come.

Woman’s Health reminds readers that Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush’s 1-year-old daughter Evie…diagnosed with FATCO syndrome at birth, underwent an amputation surgery to prepare her for a ‘new foot.”‘ Some TLC fans seemed astonished that Maddie Brown Brush chose that route. But as she explained, it meant a decent “quality of life” for Evie. Plus, she and Caleb met with other FATCO sufferers and specialists. That all worked out okay in the end. But painting those little false toenails gave Maddie pause for a bit.

Evie K knows what she wants by all appearances

Taking to her Instagram, Maddie said that Evie really, really, wanted her nails painted. But as she said, “[is] it…even ok to paint the toes of her prosthetic?” And, “How do you navigate, how do you make her feel normal, but also not invalidated.” Well, no matter, Evie-K knows what she wants. So, the Sister Wives star gave in and “PAINTED THE TOES! That is all. 💛”

Maddie Brown told her fans in the caption in her clip, that “Evie wanted her toes painted. So we painted her toes.” She also said, “This is our life! It’s normal, but not normal.”

Maddie Brown Brush paints Evie K toenails
Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

In the comments section of the post, TLC fans reassured Maddie. One said, “Honestly it’s her foot. She can do whatever she wants to it. Just like the other💕.”

Another one commented, “Why not – btw you are an awesome Mumma – just keep doin what you are doin !!! Teresa Brisbane Australia.”

As you can see, Maddie Brown found many admirers from all over the world.  And many fans hope that in seasons to come, they see much more of little Evie K. Do you agree that painting Evie’s toenails is absolutely fine? After all, one day, she’ll be a teenager, going to college, and keeping up with her fellow students in fashion and fun.

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