Jenn Martone Of ‘Unpolished’ Takes Lexi Martone & The Girls Camping

Lexi Martone, Instagram

Lexi Martone shared a sneak peek of the new season of Unpolished and her mother shows up in a camper. She captioned the video, “@salonmartone was not prepared for camping… or maybe camping wasn’t prepared for us.” It’s hard to imagine the high-maintenance Italian family camping, but it looks like they’re trying to make it work.

In the video the Martones are trying archery in very tall stilettoes. It shocks Bria and Lexi when their mother showed up in a camper. Lexi says, “of all the people, Jenn Martone wants to go camping!” A fan helpfully pointed out when they do it, it’s called glamping. Her mother says she set up the archery for Lexi who says, “I’ve never shot an arrow.”

Fans Are Ready For Lexi Martone And Crew To Return

Lexi Martone and the show’s fans are really happy the show is coming back. In a different preview, Lexi talked about how she’s not letting her grandma Foxy out of lockdown. Even though things are opening back up when the show starts, she’s not comfortable letting her or her grandfather come out.

Lexi also talks about how she hopes one good thing to come from the Coronavirus will be Bria doesn’t get married. In the preview below for the catchup special, Jenn hilariously gets attacked by a unicorn floatie Lexi went back over Season 1. She reminds fans that the feel of the show is, “extra is our middle name.”

Lexi is an incredibly talented nail artist and her sister Bria is a hair and makeup whiz. Fans got a taste of their talents in the short first season. On the website for Salon Martone, the bio talks about the celebrities Lexi has done nails for. They include Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Victoria’s Secret Angels among others.

Season Two Will Be A Lot Different

Season 2 is very different for Lexi Martone and her family. Not only did the pandemic bring business to a stall, they lost their wonderful father Big Mike. Fans offered their condolences to the family. One said, “Love you Lexi. So sorry about about your dad… may his beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.”

Another storyline will be Bria and Matt’s wedding getting postponed and how they will work around COVID. Jennifer is now taking more responsibility for the family financially with the loss of her husband. This may put the family in financial straights and put the kibosh on Bria’s huge dream wedding.

When the show returns fans will see them trying to pick up the pieces after losing their most supportive family member. They also are reopening the salon after the first shut down. It’s going to be drama on top of drama. The new season of Unpolished airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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