Tammy Slaton And Amy Deal With Death Of A Family Member

Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy sadly cope with the death of a member of their family. The news came via Tammy on Instagram on January 8. Notably, the 1000-LB Sisters star never revealed who passed away. However, it seems that it involved their stepdad. Fans who fear for Tammy’s life can at least rest assured that she didn’t die.

Tammy Slaton announces a death in the family

Taking to Instagram on January 8  Tammy revealed the bad news about someone who passed away. In her caption, she gave no hints as to who it might be. She wrote, “Hey, if you’re trying to message Amy and I please give us time to reply.” She added that they try and “deal with a death in the family.”

Well, it’s terribly sad, but perhaps TLC fans can draw some comfort from the fact that Amy and Tammy Slaton seem okay. Fans feel very concerned about Tammy who gained back a lot of her weight. And, they fear she might even pass away because of that. Bear in mind, in the show, Doctor Procter said she stands an “80% chance” of dying within the “next five years.” One follower said they feel like they watch “a suicide in slow motion.”

1000-LB Sisters fans send in their condolences to Amy and Tammy

Naturally, fans felt very sad when they heard the news from Tammy. Many of them said how terribly sorry they feel. Hundreds of them wrote, “So sorry for your loss.” And of course, lots of fans said that they pray for them as they deal with their grief. So far, nobody asked Tammy who died, which at least shows a lot of respect. Recently, Tammy took to Instagram and begged fans to stop asking questions about the show that might reveal spoilers. So maybe fans recall that post and refrain from asking questions right now.

However, Amy revealed who passed away. And apparently, it’s their stepdad, Frank Rednour. Over at Whitsell Funeral Home, more details emerged. He passed away on “Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at Norton’s Hospital in Louisville, KY.”

The firefighter/bus driver aged 62, left behind Tammy Slaton and Amy’s mom, Darlene, and other family members. Notably, while the site mention step-grandchildren, nothing indicates a child with the surname  Halterman, (Amy). Frank will be laid to rest on Monday, January 11.

Tammy Slaton Amy death in Fam
Tammy Slaton | Instagram

Meanwhile, the TLC show goes on

People reminds fans that 1000-LB Sisters airs on Monday nights on TLC at 10/9c. At the moment, the show explores Amy’s pregnancy. And, she gained weight which puts a strain on her gastric sleeve. Tammy Slaton sounds particularly concerned because her sister fell pregnant way sooner than the doctor recommended. Nevertheless, Amy said that she totally plans to enjoy her pregnancy, no matter what.

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  1. I was hoping to get inspiration for myself to loose weight, instead I’m disappointed in Tammy’s uncooperation. She must have mental problems, a. mind over matter.
    Glad to see brother Chris got his surgery.

    1. You was hoping to get inspiration from Tammy? Come on now…you’re obviously just being lazy. Get your inspiration from you.

  2. Everyone needs to stop following Tammy and Amy – don’t feed into her diva and maybe she’ll get motivated to do something besides run her filthy mouth and live life healthy

  3. Stop babying Tammy and make her grow up – Leave her to herself until she has to take care of her own bills , grocery shopping and personal care , she’s grown . Make her act her damn age and she’ll see she’s like everyone one else – she can wipe her own ass and feed herself – Leave her alone to be the adult she never seems to act like a/ everyone bowing to her every little cry baby fit- LEAVE HER ALONE ALONG ENOUGH TIL SHE HAS TO GROW UP
    Nobody has to wait on her hand and foot , you all are all the excuses she needs to act ugly

  4. I was so glad to find out that Tammy had not died and was making real progress in her weight loss. I will really miss their show. I would like to keep up with Amy and Mike and family. Also Chris and other sisters.Hope we will be informed on their progress.

  5. So happy Tami is finally getting serious and staying with rehab! It would be cool if she caught up with Amy and found true love kids and happiness! Love Amy, so real. Those people with negative crap to say should look at their own lives and leave the sisters alone!

  6. I just had weight loss surgery myself and although it’s been really hard it has gotten easier.I pray for you Tammy all the time.I know in my heart what you are going thru and how hard it is on changing your eating habits.Its so hard.But to get healthy and loss the weight is a struggle but day by day it will get you to where you need to be.I really care about your life so I am sending Love to you.My name is Tina and pray for you.

  7. Iam a huge fan of Tammy and Amy, I hope TLC renew season 4! I really love the show and Iam praying for tammy for her health and mental issues, I am with you Tammy!

  8. So many contradictions. Nobody knows if Tammy is married or was that a fraud or if Caleb and Tammy are together today. ( May 3, 2023)
    Where is Amy and the boys living and is Amy losing weight again like she said she would after Glenn was born? Has Tammy put back on weight she has lost? She needs to leave men out of her life until she gets herself healthy and Lise weight and take charge of her life

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