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Loren Brovarnik’s Son Baby Shai Brings Joy To Fans

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Loren Brovarnik and Alexei produced an adorable son, Shai. Lately, he became a popular little man with 90 Day Fiance fans. Cute, always smiling, and a real bundle of joy, TLC fans adore him. On gloomy winter days, who’s not up for some smiles and laughter? And now, she shared Shai suffering a laugh attack, it warmed the heart of many fans.

Loren Brovarnik shared her adorable son suffering a laugh attack

We reported a few days ago, that TLC fans adored the cute photos of Shai as he showed off his tiny little baby teeth. His happy face and that big gummy smile brought on a bit of baby fever for many TLC fans. So many people agreed he’s simply the “cutest” and most “adorable” little boy. Taken at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, the photo also made people wish they could stay in a nice warm and sunny place.

90 Day Fiance fans now got another treat from Loren Brovarnik. This time, she shared a clip of Shai indoors. Dressed in his cute little blue onesie, the sweet little boy started laughing. And that baby belly-laugh brought a lot of smiles to TLC fans. In fact, he laughed so hard, it seemed he couldn’t stop as he went into a full-on laughing attack. How can anyone resist a baby stuck in laughing mode, letting off those deep belly laughs?

‘Much needed smile’

Loren couldn’t help but share the clip of Shai laughing. In her caption she wrote, “Here’s Shai laughing to help put a [much] needed smile on your face! 🥰🧿 Tag someone who needs to see this!” Well, the clip certainly seemed very appreciated by 90 Day Fiance fans. For some of them, it brought back those nostalgic days from when their own kids were so tiny and innocent.

One of Loren Brovarnik’s fans commented, “there is nothing like the sound of a baby’s belly laugh! I think we all needed that 😍.”

Then another person wrote, “He sure did [give me smiles]…precious little chicken nugget💋💋💙.”

This TLC fan wrote: “Oh my heart. NEEDED THAT 🤗🙏🏼🤗.”

Meanwhile, other fans told Loren they  felt so happy that they “can’t get enough of it.” And one follower noted that their own little girl “couldn’t stop laughing” when she saw the clip.

Loren Brovarnik Shai laugh attack
Loren Brovarnik | Instagram

The best job in the world

Psychology researcher Caspar Addyman might just have the “best job in the world,” according to ideas.ted.com. He studies babies who laugh. As babies the age of Shai can’t really get a joke, he studies them to find out “what makes babies and young children laugh?” Sounds like a job to die for, right? Most kids laugh way before they start talking. So Caspar, who watched his niece grow up, wondered if it’s a way of communicating when they suffer a laugh attack.

Want to make your baby laugh? Well, Caspar discovered that the best way to make them laugh is by playing  “Peek-a-Boo.” But seriously, he noted that babies laugh because they feel a sense of belonging.” So, it looks like Loren Brovarnik’s little boy Shai feels very comfortable and close to his parents. And his laugh attack signals that message to his parents. Keep engaging with your baby, and he thinks that “baby’s laughter is a way of sharing and rewarding you for this prolonged attention.”

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