‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fans Overwhelmed By Growing Emma & Alex

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7 Little Johnstons fans learned Emma and Alex got their educational driver’s permits today. Truthfully, this was news that caught many off guard. We’ve already reported on driving age requirements for the state of Georgia. And, Alex and Emma are both of legal age to have a learner’s permit. Likewise, in a year from now, they can have a provisional license as well.

Overwhelmed 7 Little Johnstons fans react to the news

According to the comments of the Instagram post breaking new news… Fans are not having an easy go of accepting this news. Some were flat out confused. They just did not think the duo were old enough to drive. Others admit they have a hard time seeing them as teenagers. It feels like they were small just yesterday. Now, chances are pretty good Amber and Trent feel the same. But, probably worse. Here are what some overwhelmed fans of the TLC family had to say.

One follower gushes: “I was struggling enough with his voice change – now this?!? Did your kids not get the memo to stop growing up so fast?! Congrats to both!”

“How can they possibly be old enough to drive. Time goes by to quick. Congratulations!! ” A second chimes in.

A third agrees: “Wait what? They are not old enough?”

“It seemed like they were just babies yesterday & today they are all grown up.” A fourth added.

Now, overwhelmed fans were happy for Emma and Alex

The top comments feature confusion. And, mixed feelings. Some fans admit seeing them so grown just makes them (the fans) feel old. There were a few 7 Little Johnstons fans aiming to clear any confusion. One fan noted you can start driving education at the age of 14. And, you can get your official permit by 15. So, they are definitely within their legal rights here.

‘7 Little Johnstons’: Emma & Alex Hit Surprising New Milestone

Once you scroll beyond the overwhelmed comments… You get to comments of joy. Comments ready to praise Alex and Emma. They were happy the duo had come so far. Likewise, taking driver’s education and carrying a permit… That is a great way to build a foundation of a safe driver. Now, there is plenty of time for them to learn and practice before they turn 18. Not that fans want to think about them hitting that milestone just yet!

So, are you happy to see Emma and Alex getting their driving permits? Does this milestone surprise you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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