‘7 Little Johnstons’: Emma & Alex Hit Surprising New Milestone

7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons stars Emma and Alex caught fans by surprise today. Just what was it that has followers of the TLC family in a frenzy? Keep reading for the scoop.

7 Little Johnstons family shares surprising photo of Alex and Emma

Fans of the TLC family had the wind knocked out of them today. On the official Instagram account belonging to the family, a photo was published. The photo featured Emma and Alex Johnston. They were holding up some sort of piece of paper.

Now, this is a black-and-white photo. And, the photo was a tad out of focus. Furthermore, they were pretty far back in the frame. So, it was a little difficult to make out what they were holding. But, it clearly had pictures of them on the paper. And, it definitely looked like some sort of ID.

The caption of the photo was not that helpful for confused fans. “And this just happened.”

Naturally, fans were scratching their heads. What happened exactly? Now, take a second look at the picture. Look at the background. Suddenly, what happened starts to become clear.

Turns out, Emma and Alex have hit a new milestone in life. And, what were they holding? Well, it must be their driving permits.

Wait, are they old enough to drive?

To answer this question, we look at the Driver’s Ed website. Specifically for the state of Georgia.

Getting your instructional permit is the first step toward getting on the road. The driving age in Georgia is a bit more complicated than in other states due to its graduated license program. Georgia is similar to most states, however, in that you’re allowed to apply for your instructional permit when you turn 15.”

Now, the website proceeds to explain that a driver must carry an educational permit for at least a year before they can get a driver’s license if they are under the age 18. Likewise, those under the age 18 will get a provisional license until they turn 18. But, they must hold that permit for a year first.

And, as hard as this might be for 7 Little Johnstons fans… Alex and Emma are old enough for a permit.

Now, fans of the family had a lot to say about this development. Many seemed confused about their age and what they were holding. Others, however, just had a hard time wrapping their minds around them being old enough to drive.

What do you think of this new achievement? Are you proud of Emma and Alex Johnston?

Trisha Faulkner

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