‘Unpolished’ Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso Updates

Unpolished Bria Martone Matt Mancuso

Unpolished stars Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso feature in teasers for the show. It premieres on TLC on Tuesday, January 12 at 10 pm ET/PT. Last season, fans saw that Bria and Matt planned an elopement. However, they changed their minds after they realized family would want to share in their happy day. So, where are they now, did they marry yet?

Unpolished Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso irritate Lexi

Lexi never liked Matt Mancuso as a husband to her sister Bria. And that certainly didn’t change. In the teasers for the new season, Lexi and Bria yell at each other because Bria trusts Matt more than her sister. And clearly,  Lexi needles Matt at every opportunity. Obvious animosity remains between them, we noted. Possibly, she never forgave the couple for considering elopement. And really, fans already saw a lot of drama between Matt and Bria, so some people understand Lexi’s concerns.

Bria Martone and Matt planned a large wedding. And in the teasers, she doesn’t seem concerned about gearing it down a bit for COVID-19. Blithely, she carries on as if there’s nothing to worry about. One big sad touch is that Big Mike Martone passed away. And he missed the wedding. Well, with all of that said, what updates came to give fans of Unpolished a clearer picture?

Bria Martone changes her Instagram profile name

One very telling clue about Bria and Matt comes from the fact that she changed her profile on Instagram. There, she calls herself Mrs. Mancuso. And judging from all the photos that she posts about her life with Matt, they not only survived their engagement but live together very happily. It looks like Matt and Bria share a home with her mom Jennifer. And Matt’s kids also live with them.

The Unpolished star shared a Christmas photo of herself with Matt and his two sons in front of the Christmas tree. She captioned it with, “Merry Christmas from our family to yours!” And her mom replied, saying, “My beautiful family love you guys🎄.”If you don’t know, Matt and Bria already got married. On October 16, Bria shared a photo of herself with her godfather, Joe. In her caption, she explained he stood in for her dad who passed away.

Unpolished Bria Martone Matt Mancuso wedding
Bria Mancuso | Instagram

What about expanding the family

And if you wonder about Matt and Bria planning their own kids, yes, it seemed very likely. On Mother’s Day, Bria Martone shared a post for her mom. In that, she said, “Everyone always compliments me on how loving and caring I am and I owe that all to you! You have shown me what a mother really is and now I get to carry that over to those 2 beautiful boys and our future children!”

Settled, married, blissfully happy, it certainly looks like fans of Unpolished might soon hear news about the pitter-patter of more kids in Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso’s home.

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