Danielle Jbali Rings In The New Year With A New Look

Danielle Jbali of 90 Day Fiance shared a picture for New Year’s on her Instagram wearing a red lace dress and a big smile. She added another picture with her friend Michelle Malusky standing in front of the fireplace.

Fans loved the new look for the New Year. One said, “you look amazing and that dress is gorgeous on you.” Another told her red is definitely her color.

Danielle Jbali Had A Great Time For The Holiday

Danielle Jbali shared a picture with Lauren and Michelle Malusky, both beauticians. It revealed she was at Lauren’s New Year’s wedding. It seemed to be a small scale event, most likely because of COVID. On a picture of the three of them one fan said, “you look great, keep up that glow boo!”

A fan asked if the twins were her daughters. She responded just some good friends who are like sisters.” Fans told Danielle how beautiful she looks and how happy, because her smile can light up the room. Further down she shared pictures of the happy couple captioning it, “having so much fun at Lauren’s wedding.”

The Reality Star Is Coming Back For A New Show

According to TV Insider, Danielle Jbali is one of the members returning for a new series. 90 Day Diaries will start streaming January 4th on Discovery Plus. The show is one of four spin-offs including 90 Day Bares All, The Other Way Strikes Back, and 90 Day Journey. Fans of the show will have plenty of interview and re-watch action to keep them satisfied, because the shows are going back to previous stars as well. As for Danielle, she will be giving updates on Mohamed, her ex, and how he has reached out to her. The two have been texting.

Danielle shared a quote on her Instagram recently. It said, “in life, you will fall out with people that you never thought you would.” It went on to say you will be betrayed and used but life is also beautiful. You will also be loved and form friendships. It ended with, “we all have chapters that end with people at some point in life. But take pride in knowing that the very best part of your book is still being written.”

The Two Had A Very Tumultuous Relationship

According to Screen Rant, the two were one of the most disastrous couples from their season, because of a couple reasons. Mohamed ran away after two weeks. A lot of secrets held by both parties came to light. While the reality star admitted she has her guard up with men, there are a lot of them messaging her on social media. As far as her health journey, Danielle partnered with Boom Bod to share the weight loss shots she drinks. The reality star wanted to get a head start on her resolutions.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow night to 90 Day Diaries and learn more about what she’s been up to. Are you excited to see Danielle back for more 90 Days in the new series? Comment your thoughts below!

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