Jessica Clarke Reveals What She Learned in 2020

Jessica Clarke

Jessica Clarke, the fiance of Bachelor Ben Higgins took something special away from 2020. The coronavirus stress, and the very politically divided country made for possibly one of the worst years for most people. Despite that, Jessica found something she valued. She learned about living in the present.

Jessica Clarke posts about the ‘present’ on Instagram

We reported that Bachelor alum Ben Higgins and his fiance Jessica Clarke delayed their wedding. The coronavirus directly impacted their decision. Obviously, Jessica felt a bit saddened by that. Nevertheless, she seemed determined to fill her life with positivity. As ABC fans know, the couple vowed that they remain celibate until their wedding. Nevertheless, Jessica sees a positive side to that as well.

People reported that Bachelor couple Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke purchased their first home in Colorado. Ben said that Jessica lives there until after the wedding. Only then, will he move in with her. Naturally, the couple hopes for their wedding in 2021.  However, it seems that Jessica looks no further than the present right now. And, that might help her wait for the happy union.

Post about living in the ‘present’

On January 1, Jessica took to Instagram and shared five photos and a short clip of their life in 2020. She captioned it with, “I don’t want to talk about how weird last year was because we all know.” Nevertheless, she “[enjoyed] the ride.” Talking about living in the present, she added, ” I learned that life is more fun when I am present and not wishing for the next thing.” Of course, she also looks forward to a better 2021, including marrying Ben.

Well, living in the present might seem obvious. But, few people actually manage it. True fact: people spend their workday waiting for the lunch break. Or knockoff time. Or, they might enjoy their weekend, but Sundays feel terrible as they anticipate Monday before it happens. Extrapolate that out, and many people spend their lives wishing away the present. Perhaps because of her Christian faith, Jessica Clarke finds a way to rather focus on the present.

Jessica Clarke Living in the present
Jessica Clarke | Instagram

Tips in living in the present for like Jessica

In the Bible book of Matthew, it tells people that each day has enough of its own problems without anticipating the future. The Synshynegray website notes four ways that might help people live fully in the present. They suggest that people try less multi-tasking. And, that they focus their thoughts on the here and now. Try doing less than the full list of to-dos. And, reflect positively on things you can feel grateful for.

Naturally, once the coronavirus disappears, Jessica Clarke turns her mind to the future a bit more. And, in the busy lifestyle of the current age, doing less isn’t ideal. But, until life becomes normal again, living in the present might help people feel less blue.

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