Ava Max Trashed on Twitter for Lip-Syncing During NYE on Fox, As Others Rave About Performance

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Tonight on the big Fox New Year’s Eve special fans were excited to see Ava Max performing. She was singing but everyone noticed right away that something was off. She was dancing around and it was very clear that she was lip-syncing. Fans went to Twitter to express their thoughts about her performance of the song “Kings and Queens.”

Twitter goes wild over Ava Max’s performance

As soon as Ava Max performed people were on Twitter talking about how obvious it was she wasn’t singing. This was on the big Toast and Roast that was hosted by Craig Robinson, Joel McHale and Ken Jeong. Here are a few of the things that were said on Twitter tonight.

    • Why is Ava max lip syncing with that stupid a*s hair on stage
    • Lip syncing always sounds so good
    • Ava who? What?#NYEonFOX
    • Ava max was running late for her NYE performance so she had to leave her haircut appointment early #nyeonfox

Several others didn’t mention Ava by name but were upset about the lip-syncing on the shows tonight. There were a lot of performances. Here a few of the comments.

  • In 2021 let’s be better at lip syncing because what I just witnessed on #RockinEve was too much even for me.
  • Unimportant but can we end lip-syncing performances in 2021?
  • Btw is everyone lip syncing on all these New Year’s Eve music performances ?!

It really does look like Ava probably wasn’t the only one who was lip-syncing tonight on the New Year’s Eve specials.

Some fans loved it

Another large group of fans loved watching Ava Max perform. Some of them raved about her. Here is one of them.

It just kept getting better too. Here is what a few others had to say about her performance.

  • New year and Ava Max is still here? Proven classic!
  • Sooooo Ava max doesn’t look like Gaga??????
  • I’ve never heard of Ava Max before but this Kings & Queens song she’s singing on th
     @joelmchale  and @kenjeongNYE special is really catchy. I like it.
  • While @AvaMax is performing king and queens cause she is a queen can you pls tell my dad that is “raise a toast” and not “raise our toes” XD lol
  • Wow! @AvaMax sounds amazing! #NYEonFOX

Were you shocked by Ava Max lip-syncing tonight? Whatever she was doing this girl sounded and looked amazing on the New Year’s Eve performance tonight. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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