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‘Grateful’ Jen Arnold Of ‘The Little Couple’ Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

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Jen Arnold of TLC’s The Little Couple took to Instagram to boast about being grateful for the COVID-19 vaccine. This post included the reality TV personality in a black and white snap. She was rocking a face mask as she received her first dose of the vaccine.

Her hashtags said a lot about her thoughts on the vaccine.

The Little Couple shared a lot about her thoughts on the vaccine in the hashtags she attached to her post. For starters, she felt this was a win for science. She also thought this was society’s chance to win the fight against COVID-19. Jen Arnold even believed getting the vaccine was a great Christmas present. Likewise, she made it clear she was a supporter for vaccines by including a hashtag that vaccines save lives.

In just an hour, the Instagram post accumulated over 11,000 likes and nearly 300 comments. Isn’t too surprising that fans had a lot to say. But, did they support Jen Arnold getting the vaccine for the virus? Or, did they think it was a mistake?

Fans of Jen Arnold previously clashed over the COVID-19 vaccine.

It was just a couple weeks ago that we reported fans of Jen Arnold were feuding over the vaccine. Most seemed to really dislike Jen and her family’s support of the virus. While she did have some who supported her in her thoughts on the vaccine. It seemed like the overwhelming majority were NOT on her side. The question is simple. Did this disdain spread onto her post confirming she has had the first dose of the vaccine?

Well, we did a quick scroll through her comments. And, here’s what we’ve found.

Noticeably, some individuals seemed a little confused by her remarks on the “first dose.” Turns out, a lot of people didn’t realize the vaccine was more than one dose. Some praised Jen on taking a step toward fighting the virus.

“Congratulations! Lots of love and support from Vancouver, BC! Thanks for being a great role model!” One individual doted.

‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Fans Clash Over COVID-19 Vaccine

Others opted to support Jen Arnold by informing her they also received their first dose of the vaccine today.

One individual who was not supportive of the vaccine made it clear they WERE supportive of choice: “It’s your choice! I hope it stays that way! Because I choose to NOT take the vaccine. Prayers for no short or long term effects.”

While there were some fans who didn’t like the idea of the vaccine… They seemed to be far and few between. The question is…. Do you like knowing Jen Arnold of The Little Couple got the vaccine today?

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