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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Fans Clash Over COVID-19 Vaccine

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The Little Couple fans know that since the start of COVID-19 Dr. Jen Arnold kept them informed. Her posts never miss an opportunity to talk about staying safe. And now, she talked about simulation and rolling out the new vaccine. However, in the comments, many TLC fans clashed over the subject.

The Little Couple – Jen Arnold speaks up about COVID-19 vaccine

We reported that Jen Arnold took to her Instagram on June 26. She reminded people that the coronavirus doesn’t mean fun and enjoyment in a safe environment goes away. As usual, she used many hashtags to remind people about wearing, masks and social distancing. As she’s highly qualified and works at John Hopkins, fans usually respect her advice. Mind you, some people occasionally criticize her for wearing a mask everywhere – even in a boat.

John Hopkin’s All Children’s Hospital reminds readers that Dr. Jen from The Little Couple is highly regarded. The website notes that she “serves as medical director for the Center for Medical Simulation and Innovative Education.” She obtained her “medical degree” before moving in and as a “master of science in medical education, and neonatal-perinatal fellowship training.” So, Jen Arnold knows a lot of things. But when she talked about rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine, fans got their panties in a knot.

Fans clash over the vaccine

First of all, a lot of people heard various conspiracy theories about Bill Gates. One theory came out that he used vaccinations to “depopulate” the continent. Anti-vaxers already hold issues with the contents of vaccines. And now, fears of controlling the people arise as various people consider mandatory vaccinations. So, a huge number of people simply don’t want it. Especially as “Dr. Pierre Kory, a pulmonary specialist at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center touted Ivermectin as a ‘wonder drug.'”

One The Little Couple fan said to Jen Arnold, “You cannot be serious about taking this vaccine for you and your family you must be part of the New World order agenda👎👎👎😡😡😡.” And some people agreed with her. A lot of them simply said, “no” to the vaccine. Then, another fan wrote, “Some doctors say one thing some say others. I’m high risk, no fault here to you but nope I’m passing on this. I will not ever get that injected in me.”

The Little Couple Dr jen Arnold COVID-19 vaccine
DR Jen Arnold | Instagram

Arguments and uncertainty

Naturally, arguments ensued as TLC fans came in with different ideas. Many of them support the concept. But some people worry about it. One fan wrote,” Research shows this will not prevent only alter our DNA and messes with [the] immune system. So what’s in the vaccine?” Unfortunately, Jen Arnold from The Little Couple, never replied.

Certainly, it seems like medical boards and decision-makers need to do a lot of convincing that the vaccine is worth it and totally safe.

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