Brittany Cartwright Won’t Let Trolls Get Her Down

Brittany Cartwright trolls

Brittany Cartwright’s trolls upset her a lot. And that seems very sad as she and Jax Taylor can’t wait to become parents next year. After all, everyone knows they both hoped for children. But now she said that she simply won’t let trolls upset her anymore. So, what’s the deal and why would people troll on a young mom-to-be anyway?

Brittany Cartwright struggles with morning sickness and trolls

Pregnancy brings joy. But many people, especially first-time moms, experience a lot of morning sickness. Brittany already told her fans that she struggles. While loyal fans say she glows so beautifully, the downside can make for a miserable time. Tired of all the negative comments, the Vanderpump Rules alum took to her Instagram and spoke about it on December 29.

In her post, Brittany Cartwright shared a photo of her growing baby bump. She said that she experiences days when she lets “negative comments from strangers” get her down. Well, that seems rather astonishing. Why on earth would people say negative things about expecting a baby? And clearly, trollers are not all about the fact that Faith Stowers wanted her and Jax Taylor off the show.

Posting her baby bump ‘with pride’

When she shared her post, Britt explained that she first posted it on her Instagram Stories. But then she decided, ” I deserve to post this with pride.” Pointing to trolls body-shaming her, that’s when she spoke about the trolling and negativity. She said, “I am so proud of my body for creating my son.” And, she now wonders why she let the negativity get her down.

After all, she and Jax always wanted children. And, the Bravo alum “dreamed” of being a mom her “entire life.” So, she plans on shouting “it from the rooftops.”

After all, her body “deserves some “respect.” At 25 weeks, she still suffers morning sickness. But she still feels very “lucky and emotional” about producing her baby. So from here on, Brittany Cartwright vowed that influencing her happiness by trolls just ends here.

Call in support of other moms by Brittany Cartwright

Brittany thought of other moms who might experience the same issues with trolls. She said, “To all you other Mommy to be’s and mommies in general YOU ARE KILLING IT.” Then, she suggested that they remember they will be “the best mother to your beautiful baby just like me!!” Additionally, the Vanderpump Rules alum noted, “Be proud of your body because you are growing a human life! I am so honored I get to be a mom and have a beautiful son in just a few months.

Finally, Brittany noted, “Keep smiling and sharing positive vibes, we need more of that in this world! 🥰🥰💙.”

In the comments section, one fan nailed it. They wrote, “Whoever [makes] comments about your pregnant belly, they are clearly delayed and not working at full brain function.” And, other fans of Brittany Cartwright agreed with that assessment.

Brittany Cartwright stands up to Body-Shaming Trolls
Brittany Cartwright | Instagram

How common is trolling on pregnant moms?

Unfortunately, body-shaming became such a problem for pregnant moms that experts carried out studies on it. The Conversation noted that one Health Psychologist said, “Stress that affects a pregnant woman might harm her unborn child as well.” And, the sad fact exists that nearly two-thirds of pregnant moms experience “weight stigma from multiple people and places.”

Why? Well, on-going studies might reveal that social media image and personal insecurities might motivate the trollers. For now, all Brittany Cartwright can do is ignore the haters and stand tall. After all, it’s her life, her baby, and her future. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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