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‘1000-LB Sisters’: Amy & Tammy Slaton Over The Years

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1000-LB Sisters Amy & Tammy Slaton return to TLC in a week from now. Ahead of the season, TLCme shared some throwback photos of the sisters through the years. Popular, the news that they return excited a lot of fans who can’t wait to follow their journey once more.

1000-LB Sisters Amy & Tammy struggled their whole lives with weight issues

Fans know that Amy & Tammy both struggle with their weight. And while we heard their backstories, did we ever grasp what battling weight your whole life might mean? While fans might urge them to stick to their diets and exercise, clearly, it’s a message they probably heard their entire lives. Their throwback photos tell a story that’s all too familiar. One can only imagine their friends at school whispering about them in the schoolyard.

Adults now, we know that Amy worked very hard at losing enough weight for surgery. And, spoilers tell us she might have given birth to her baby already. But the doctor worried as she still carries too much weight for a healthy pregnancy. Meanwhile, Tammy lost her cheerful smile. It looks like she put on all the weight she tried so hard to lose. Blaming the coronavirus, she said she “fell off the wagon.” And, the 1000-LB Sisters star shared a clip of herself looking ill and taking oxygen for her health.

The throwback photos suggest a lifelong battle over the years

One of the first photos that TLCme shared revealed Tammy at school. She looked cute in her Bahamas top and sported a little pink bow in her hair. But, she looked rather chunky. A few years later, Tammy looked larger as she put in a lot of abdominal weight. Clearly, she was well on track with her current health issues. And that’s exactly why so many people cheer on WEtv’s Honey Boo Boo who tries tackling her weight and fitness at about the same age as Tammy back then. See photos of Tammy below.

1000-LB Sisters Tammy
Tammy & Amy Pinterest via TLCme

Meanwhile, Amy only features in a couple of photos. And while she looked very attractive, clearly she also struggled with weight in her younger years. At least she seems in a better place with her health these days. Really, 1000-LB Sisters fans fear a lot more for Tammy. As one nurse said on her YouTube, Tammy obviously suffers from chest issues and oxygen deprivation. Fans hope that this season sees her at least shedding some of her weight that she lived with her entire life. See photos of Amy below.

1000-LB Sisters Amy
Tammy & Amy Pinterest via TLCme

 The show returns next month

If you can’t wait for 1000-LB Sisters Amy & Tammy you only need to wait a few more days. The show premieres Season 2 on TLC on January 4.

What do you think of these throwback photos of the Slaton sisters from past years gone by? Sound off in the comments below.

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