‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Talks About Having Kids

Welcome to Plathville Ethan and Olivia

Welcome to Plathville, Ethan and Olivia experience some problems at the moment. The TLC show reveals them estranged from his parents Barry and Kim. This season, some fans blame Olivia for taking things too far with them. And, they believe Ethan would like to make things right, In fact, at one stage, she talked about divorce. But, perhaps things work out for them. After all, Ethan just talked about them having kids one day.

Welcome to Plathville couple Ethan and Olivia bonus scene about kids

On December 21, TLC on Instagram shared a short bonus scene clip of Ethan and Olivia. In the clip. Olivia talked about how much she enjoys “babysitting.” A cute little boy came along and stayed with them for a bit. In the clip, she explained that sometimes she babysits for her friends at their own houses. But, this time, Ethan and Olivia took the little guy into their home.

For a little while, the little boy played inside with toys. But, when Olivia asked if he wanted to go outside, he seemed keen on that. Ethan also enjoyed it. They took his soccer ball outside and they all kicked it around for a bit. Ethan seemed really good with the little boy. When he tripped and fell, he rushed to help him up. But, actually, the Welcome to Plathville star probably knows little kids pretty well. After all, he has so many of his own younger siblings.

Ethan and his many younger siblings

We reported that the younger kids don’t feature much on the TLC show. This season, fans see a bit more of Lydia and Isaac, both young teens. But, of course, there are more of them. There are Amber and Kim as well as Cassia and Mercy. As the eldest brother, he obviously helped out with the little kids before he left home and married Olivia. And he sounds keen on raising some kids of his own.

In the Welcome to Plathville bonus clip, Ethan said he wonders if babysitting is a bit bit like raising your own child. Later, he said that he wants kids. But they don’t “rush” into it just yet. Plus, Olivia might not hanker too much for them just yet. After all, she travels a lot with her photography job. And, Ethan made it clear who’ll be the breadwinner when kids come along. He wondered if one day they’ll play with their own kids in the yard after he comes home from work every day.

Welcome to Plathville Ethan wants kids
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Olivia not keen on kids

Olivia told Ethan, she knows that one day he’ll make sure she keeps the kids “in line.” But, he’ll just be the “fun parent.’ And she admitted she feels “salty” about that. Plus, she said she’s “not about to make sacrifices right now.” She said that she’s enjoying her life too much. Hmm, it looks like some clashing of the roles looms ahead for this Welcome to Plathville couple. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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