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What Is Amy Roloff’s Net Worth As 2020 Comes To An End?

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As the year 2020 comes to an end, some Little People, Big World fans wonder what Amy Roloff’s current net worth is. Despite how rough this year has been for most of us because of the pandemic… A new season of LPBW did air. And, Amy Roloff has let it slip that they were working on the production of another season. Moreover, Amy Roloff has explored a few new business ventures including face masks and kitchen aprons. So, LPBW fans assume she’s probably doing pretty well for herself financially.

So, what is Amy Roloff’s net worth as 2020 comes to an end?

According to Good Housekeeping, the TLC star star had a net work of $4.5 million last year. Amy, however, has been keeping pretty busy. And, she hasn’t let the pandemic stop her from thriving. So, it isn’t too surprising that she’s worth significantly more now than she was just a year ago. In fact, Celebrity Net Worth reveals she’s now worth $6 million.

Now, it goes without saying that she has LPBW and TLC to thank for thrusting her into the spotlight. And, it is the massive following she acquired from the show that allows her to be so successful with her other business ventures. That being said, her net worth comes from far more than just the paycheck TLC cuts her for Little People, Big World.

Amy Roloff Instagram
[Amy Roloff Instagram]

So, how exactly is she worth so much money?

As we mentioned previously, Amy Roloff has a few different business ventures. Likewise, she has a couple books on the market. She’s no stranger to Instagram sponsorships. What increased her net worth the most, however, was in the real estate industry.

Amy Roloff finally moved off of the property she’d lived on with her ex husband Matt for decades. And, LPBW fans know she made a pretty sizable chunk of money selling her portion of the land to Matt.

‘LPBW’ Fans Remain FURIOUS With Amy Roloff’s New Business Venture

Now, Amy Roloff was still VERY involved in the Halloween season on Roloff Farms. So, fans can only assume she’s still connected to the property some how. So, it is possible she still makes some income from the events they host as well.

Then, we can’t forget she DOES get a paycheck from TLC. Fans, however, wonder if the series will be dropped after Jacob Roloff revealed he was abused by a former producer of the show.

So, are you surprised Amy Roloff has a net worth of $6 million? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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