‘LPBW’ Fans Remain FURIOUS With Amy Roloff’s New Business Venture

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Amy Roloff’s newest business venture is pandemic inspired. As we’ve previously reported, she created and is selling face mask sets. Currently, she has some pretty cute Halloween themed masks just in time for the holiday. But, as those who have been following this story know… Little People, Big World fans were not feeling her newest business venture when she revealed it. And, now? Well, they are just as annoyed with her continuing to promote it on Instagram.

Amy Roloff pushes her Halloween face masks, fans are furious

The comment section of her posts pushing her new Halloween face masks is not pretty. Little People, Big World fans are taking issue with Amy Roloff trying to profit from a pandemic. They also believe her privilege as a financially wealthy reality TV star is showing because of how expensive her face mask sets are. Currently, her masks are more than $10 a piece because of how much the set costs.


It, however, is important to note that even with how furious LPBW fans have been in the comments… Amy Roloff revealed she had to restock her face masks sets after they sold out. So, there are a lot of fans who don’t like this business venture. And, there are many who think they are way too expensive. But, there are some people buying them.

What are LPBW fans saying about the face masks exactly?

Now, Little People, Big World fans are not attacking the face masks per say. In fact, most agree the different patterns are pretty cute. That being said, they are just some simple Halloween and Fall themed patterns. So, they don’t understand how she is justifying charging her fans so much for them. In fact, many believe she’s just using her fan base to make some easy money. And, because of her status and the pandemic… People are buying them. 


  • “The price is ridiculous! They’d have to be dipped in gold to charge so much! Good luck with those!!!”
  • “I have to agree with you the price is way too high for the average consumer especially during these challenging times.”
  • “Shame on you, $40.”
  • “40 bucks for 3 masks? Am I reading that right?”
  • “Wow that’s way too much considering mask probably won’t be needed much longer. And they are much cheeper these days.”

Unfortunately, these comments were mixed with people who are equally upset with Amy for how long she’s taking to move out during the current season of the show. Minus a few comments complementing the designs of the masks… Most don’t have kind words for Amy Roloff right now.

So, do you have an opinion on Amy Roloff’s face masks?

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