Jill Dillard Sees Christmas Cleanup Gone Wrong

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Jill Dillard shared a photo of the family as they start the Christmas break. After spending a few days enjoying the snow, they looked at cleaning and tidying up the house. And, it looks like they all got stuck into a big laundry day. But, unfortunately, that part of the Christmas cleanup went horribly wrong.

Jill Dillard shares on Christmas cleanup fail

We reported that Jill and Derick Dillard enjoyed some decent snow recently. So, the family all took themselves outside and played in it. They made a big snowman. Plus, they enjoyed sledding and eating snowy ice cream. Certainly, the TLC alums enjoyed a wonderful time with their boys Israel and Sam. But oops, holiday fun just turned into a Christmas catastrophe. It looks like the boys decided to “help” with the cleanup. Jill shared all about that in her Instagram Stories on December 19.

Taking to her main Instagram, Jill Dillard shared a photo of Derick and the boys. Her photo revealed the laundry out and ready for cleaning. In her post, she congratulated Derick for only one semester left of his legal studies. And, she wished her fans a happy Christmas. Plus, she directed fans to the hectic Christmas cleanup fail in her stories. Well, it turns out the boys did something so naughty but cute, it’s not clear if Jill should smile or scream.

Jill Dillard Christmas cleanup
Jill Dillard | Instagram

Mommy found the cleaned Christmas storybooks

Maybe the kids decided that as everything was getting made spick and span in the laundry, they should clean their storybooks. Jill came across all their storybooks on the floor in the bathroom. And they only just took them out for Christmas. For some reason, the kids poured water all over them. Sounding a bit despairing, she wrote, “How do kids come up with stuff like this?”

In her next two photos, Jill Dillard told TLC fans that they towel-dried the books. And then, she placed them upright, hoping that “air drying would do the rest.”

Well hopefully, Jill and Derick salvage the storybooks. After all, the kids love stories and Derick likes nothing better than reading to them. Did Jill do the right thing when she tried fixing the Christmas cleanup gone wrong?

Jill Dillard Laundry Books

 How to salvage wet books

Someone somewhere usually comes up with hacks that help mom and dad in the home. So we went off and checked out how you can salvage wet books. Chron.com came up with a nifty suggestion. The outlet reported that “After the Memorial Day floods of 2015, the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information¬†put together a guide for salvaging books.”

Step one, if you’re busy is to place the books “in the freezer.” This helps prevent mold and further damage. When you start drying them, it looks like Jill Dillard did many of the right things. Standing the books upright near a fan works quite well. But, notably, placing “absorbent paper” underneath them and in every 20 or so pages also helps. Notably, if you have coated paper in your book…illustrations…put a sheet of wax paper between every coated page. Otherwise, they become fused together.

The next step for Jill Dillard and her Christmas clean up gone wrong should be to close them and place them under a light for a while.

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